Day: December 19, 2020

Serial 1 e-bike review: Commuter essentials, Harley roots

  • Serial 1 Cycle Company spun out of Harley-Davidson as an independent e-bike brand, but it still benefits from a partnership with the long-running motorcycle maker. 
  • I tested two of Serial 1’s initial models — the $3,399 Mosh/Cty and the $4,999 Rush/Cty Speed — and found they both rode beautifully. 
  • The bikes are available to preorder now, with deliveries starting next spring. 
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As electric bikes explode in popularity, car and motorcycle makers from Ford to Jeep to Ducati have hopped on the battery-powered bandwagon, launching their own offerings that are often nothing more than another brand’s bike with a new logo slapped on. 

Instead of a mere paint job, Harley-Davidson will enter the e-bike market with something completely new. 

The manufacturer’s e-bike program plans to launch four models this spring, but they aren’t Harleys at all. Serial 1 Cycle Company began as a

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