Day: June 30, 2021

White Motorcycle Concepts aims for the electric land speed record

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White Motorcycle Concepts CEO Rob White plans to break the electric land speed record on a bike built in-house to do just that. The all-electric WMC250EV is theoretically capable of exceeding 250 mph (as its name suggests) and will provide the foundation for a line of road-going scooters and bikes White plans to mass-produce. For now? It’s about proving that the technology works, and to do so, WMC is aiming to take down the Voxan Wattman, which currently holds the world’s land speed record for an electric motorcycle at 254 mph.

WMC says the bike has three tricks up its sleeve, but what stands out the most is its aerodynamic pass-through design that channels air directly through the bike rather than just over and around it. The company says this design improves the WMC250EV’s aero performance by 70% compared to the market leaders. WMC says

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Fatal road rage shooting began with motorcyclist pointing gun at man and kids, police say

A motorcyclist pointed a gun at the driver of an SUV before the man fatally shot the motorcyclist on a freeway in Fort Worth, according to Fort Worth police.

The motorcyclist, JaDerek Gray, 19, died at a hospital after the shooting on I-35W on Friday. According to Fort Worth police, the man who shot Gray did so in self-defense after Gray pointed a handgun at him and his children, who were inside the man’s SUV.

Gray was driving his motorcycle north on I-35 and weaving in and out of traffic, police said. The man in the SUV started to change lanes without seeing the motorcyclist, and Gray swerved to avoid being hit by the SUV. Gray passed several cars and then stopped in the roadway, halting traffic.

Gray walked back toward the SUV and pointed a handgun at the driver, police said. The driver told him to put down the

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