Month: July 2021

Couple killed when motorcycle hits road sign in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A couple visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park was killed Sunday in a motorcycle crash along the park’s scenic Foothills Parkway, according to the National Park Service.

The victims were identified as Benjamin Braunsdorf, 50, of Seymour, Tennessee, and Wendy Fitzgibbon, 46, of Knoxville, Tennessee, according to a news release.

Investigators say Braunsdorf and Fitzgibbon were riding on one motorcycle when it went out of control around 7 p.m.

The bike left the pavement and collided with a road sign near the intersection of Foothills Parkway and U.S. 321, officials said. Both died at the scene, park officials said.

Hiker dies in ‘tragic accident’ when tree falls on hammock in New Hampshire, cops say

The incident remains under investigation.

It counts as the second fatal motorcycle crash this year in the park. In April, a 20-year-old man from Guatemala was killed when his motorcycle plunged 100 feet off the road

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Da Vinci DC100 electric motorcycle can follow you like a puppy

Anyone who has spent the day riding a motorcycle knows that often there comes a time when you just have to get off the motorcycle and walk around. A Chinese company called Da Vinci Dynamics has revealed a new electric motorcycle called the DC100. The motorcycle is a high-performance electric street bike promising 250 miles of riding range per charge.

Other than performance and a long driving range, one of the coolest aspects of the electric motorcycle is the ability to self-balance and follow the rider around. That means if you get off to walk a bit after a long ride, your motorcycle can follow along behind you like an obedient dog. Da Vinci claims the motorcycle makes 135 horsepower and has a control system that integrates multiple motors.

A bit of confusion is introduced because the company has another press release that claims the motorcycle has 137 horsepower and

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Honda Wants To Eliminate Motorcycle Deaths By 2050

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Photo: Honda

Honda is the biggest motorcycle maker and seller in the world, and the Japanese company says that it’s responsible for the safety of all of its riders. So, Honda wants to eliminate all rider and driver fatalities involving its bikes and cars by 2050. Honda claims new tech will get us there. I appreciate the effort, but I’m a little skeptical.

The carmaker wants to use new advanced driver assistance systems, like those used in its level 3 AV Legend, to help cars and motorcycles avoid collisions, according to Honda:

In terms of expanding the range of our safety technologies, since many motorcycle collision fatalities involve automobiles, we will strive to apply our omnidirectional advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) to all new automobile models we introduce in developed countries by 2030.

By leveraging the knowledge and know-how we have amassed through research and development of our

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Motorcycle Monday: Harley-Davidson Strikes Back

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The American motorcycle manufacturer is starting to turn things around…

After the news broke last October that Harley-Davison was pulling out of the Indian market, the widespread media reaction was that it would mark the beginning of the ultimate demise for the American motorcycle manufacturer. Sure, the Harley brand would live on, but it would be purchased by some foreign company, maybe an Indian one, and the operations moved overseas. It was an ill-informed view made by people who seem to have endless spite for Harley-Davidson and all it stands for, but thankfully that hot take didn’t age well. That’s right, here we are not even a year later and Harley-Davidson is surging against the odds.

Check out a trike with a Mazda RX-7’s rotary engine here.

All that hand wringing about Harley-Davidson leaving the largest motorcycle market in the

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