Day: November 5, 2021

2022 Zero Motorcycles lineup offers more range, new in-app purchase options


With a massive available range and looks borrowed from its more expensive siblings, the 2022 SR is a compelling option.


For quite a while now, Zero has been the biggest name in electric motorcycles. The company started before most of its competitors and has held on longer. It’s become as close to a household name in the electric motorcycle world as any company is likely to get. The bikes it offers — SR, SR/F and SR/S — are compelling in their performance and styling. And now, according to an announcement made by Zero on Thursday, their range is about to get extra compelling, too.

The 2022 Zero models can get up to 21 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity.


The most significant part of Zero’s 2022 model announcement is the introduction of battery capacities up to 21 kilowatt-hours. This is possible thanks to a change in its battery-pack design

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Zero unveils new 2022 SR electric motorcycle, bigger batteries, more tech

Zero unveiled its latest 2022 Zero SR electric motorcycle along with some major new battery announcements and other tech updates in front of a gathering of journalists in Lower Manhattan this morning. Electrek was there front and center to bring you the first look at Zero’s new technology.

The new Zero SR and updated battery tech marks the biggest update to Zero’s lineup in years.

The first major reveal of the morning came in the form of a new battery pack for Zero’s 2022 SR, SR/F, and SR/S street-oriented electric motorcycles.

The new battery comes in either a 14.4+ kWh or 15.6+ kWh option, with the “plus” indicating that the packs can actually be software unlocked to unleash a full capacity of up to 17.3 kWh of capacity.

This on-demand software-enabled battery capacity upgrade is reminiscent of Tesla’s software-limited batteries, and marks the first time this option has been

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