Day: November 11, 2021

Crash victim battles with medical insurance company for coverage

CHARDON, Ohio — In the past two months, Eddie and Jennetta Marotta have been doing a lot of counting, mainly counting their blessings.

Their dad Joseph Marotta is still living after a motorcycle crash that could’ve killed him.

“A lot of his injuries, if they were a quarter-inch up or down his spin he could’ve been permanently paralyzed,” said Eddie Marotta.

Back in September, Joseph Marotta was riding his motorcycle on Mayfield Road near Aquilla in Chardon, according to a Geauga County Sheriff’s Report, a drunk driver pulled out in front of Joseph and the crash left him hospitalized with far too many injuries to count.

Marotta’s family members said the man who hit him did not have auto insurance.

“He [Joseph] has a completely shattered pelvis, that was in multiple floating pieces and doctors had to surgically repair it,” said Eddie Marotta. “He also had a shattered tailbone which

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Rare federal racketeering trial in Portland paints disturbing inside picture of Gypsy Joker motorcycle club

PORTLAND – Members of the Gypsy Joker motorcycle club or their associates went by nicknames like “Vice Grip,” “Striker,” “Dog Boy,” “Skid” and “Nazi.”

Many would snort and share methamphetamine or cocaine, steal motorcycles and “beat out” wayward members who didn’t adhere to club rules.

Membership was open to men over 21 – but they couldn’t be Black or gay. Some women were considered “club mommas” and were passed around for sex.

If someone was late to a motorcycle run or broke one of the club’s rules, they’d get their “eyes dotted” by another member.

The prosecution’s lead witness, Tiler Pribbernow, described what that meant: “You have to stand up, hands at your side and you’re going to get punched in your face. If your eye is not blackened, you’re going to get punched again. So hopefully, the first one is a good one.”

Pribbernow, a member of another club

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