Day: November 12, 2021

Indian Motorcycle Releases Military-Themed Clothing Collection

Press Release | November 11, 2021

100% of Proceeds to Benefit Non-Profit Military Organization & Fund Veteran Rehab Efforts

This is a press release from Indian Motorcycle…

Minneapolis, MN (October 27, 2021) – Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, has released an all-new, military-themed clothing collection where 100% of its proceeds will benefit the Veterans Charity Ride (VCR) and its veteran rehab efforts. The Indian Motorcycle ‘Honoring Heroes’ collection was designed to recognize and support those who have served in the United States Military, while at the same time providing resources for post-war veterans rehabilitating within the VCR program.

With eight pieces, the Indian Motorcycle Honoring Heroes collection features military-inspired casualwear for both men and women. The men’s line includes a Khaki Contrast-Sleeve T-Shirt, a Khaki Icon Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, and a Khaki Camo Hoodie. For women, the Honoring Heroes collection includes a Khaki Contrast-Sleeve with three-quarter, baseball-style sleeves, a Khaki

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7 Symptoms of a Bad Valve Guide

When the right quantity of fuel and air are blended in the combustion chamber, combustion engines perform optimally. These gases must be allowed to enter and exit the combustion chamber at the correct times. At the end of the day, a good valve seal may save you thousands of dollars in repairs; therefore, it is critical to inspect them on a semi-regular basis. The following are some signs those types of valve guides seal need to be replaced:

  • Lots of Exhaust Smoke

When a vehicle is first started, a little amount of white vapour may escape from the exhaust, but the valve seals may have deteriorated if this continues. It is usual to see some exhaust smoke when you first start your car, but if it persists for longer than expected, your valve seal may be failing. 

  • Excessive Oil Use

As you may anticipate, a car with broken or worn-out valve … Read More

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association unveils marker to honor Ray “Yogi” and Rachel Yourgalite

SONORA, Texas – In October 2021, Navy veteran Ray  “Yogi”  Yourgalite and his wife Rachel were killed in a motorcycle accident on Ranch Market Road 3130, about 20 miles from Sonora.

On Veterans Day, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association unveiled a plaque in their memory.

Ray and Rachel’s children were present as well as family members who flew in from out of state.

More than $10,000 in donations were raised by multiple groups and donors. All of the money was given to Ray and Rachel’s children.

Below is an excerpt of Ray’s biography read at the ceremony:

Yogi enlisted and went to Navy boot camp on Aug 22, 1989. After boot camp, he attended Navy Aviation Structural Mechanic school to learn to maintain naval aircraft. After that, he was assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron-14, known as HM-14, in Norfolk, Virginia. The aircraft assigned to HM-14 that Yogi maintained were

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