Day: November 20, 2021

First look at the production-ready SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle

The long-awaited SONDORS Metacycle electric motorcycle is now ready for production, and we have an exclusive first look for you ahead of the bike’s LA Auto Show unveiling.

The SONDORS Metacycle has drawn huge excitement since its launch back in January of this year.

The bike’s specs of 80 mph (130 km/h) top speed and 80 mile (130 km) range struck a chord with consumers by filling the gap between electric mini motorcycles and high performance flagship electric motorcycles.

But it was the $5,000 purchase price that really turned heads, at the time dramatically undercutting the cost of even the most affordable highway-capable electric motorcycles currently available in the US.

Updates regarding the design of the Metacycle have continued to trickle out all year, but now we’re getting our first look at the latest version of the motorcycle after completing homologation.

As SONDORS founder and CEO Storm Sondors explained

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Motorcycle trailer hearse among stash of stolen vehicles recovered by Macon County police | Public Safety

DECATUR — A motorcycle trailer hearse was among a stash of stolen vehicles police say they recovered Thursday following the arrest of three men that included a pursuit through several Macon County communities.

Decatur police don’t have to go far, or wait long, to find stolen ATV, report says

According to a Macon County Sheriff’s Office news release, deputies responded around 8 a.m. Thursday to a report of a truck having been stolen overnight in Forsyth. 

A short time later, around 11 a.m., officers from the Warrensburg Police Department located the stolen truck outside a village residence. It was towing a trailer that police later confirmed to be stolen overnight from the Tanzyus-Logan Funeral Home, 3085 N. Kandy Lane, in Decatur.

Rebecca Tanzyus, president and partner of the funeral home, said the custom-made hearse trailer and motorcycle are only used for special occasions and is usually locked in a trailer

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BMW R18-based The Wal shows you can teach a new bike old tricks

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BMW’s motorcycle-building division is giving a handful of lucky customizers the chance to make the R18 their own. After collaborating with Roland Sands and Dirk Oehlerking, it let Japanese builder Shinya Kimura give the bike a new look that borders on steampunk territory.

Kimura explained that he spent several hundred miles riding the R18 in California to get a feel for it before he started the project. He normally works on older motorcycles, though he’s recently turned his attention to newer models, and his approach to customizing is unusual because he doesn’t use sketches, drawings, or blueprints — he knows exactly what he wants to build and how to achieve it.

One of his first modifications was to change the riding position, which he achieved by making the handlebars eight inches narrower and mounting them six inches lower. He also moved the seat

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