Day: November 24, 2021

Fort Pierce motorcyclist, 22, killed in Martin County crash

A Fort Pierce man died after his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck in Martin County early Monday, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

He was driving the motorcycle eastbound on Southwest Martin Highway about 6 a.m., near the intersection of Southwest 66th Avenue, when the pickup attempted to make a U-turn in front of it.

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The motorcycle crashed into the front left side of the pickup. The 22-year-old rider died at the scene, FHP investigators said.

The pickup driver, a 65-year-old Stuart man, stopped on the west side of the highway after the collision.

FHP did

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One step, then another. With determination and new therapies, there’s hope for paralysis patients

Los Angeles, California-Nov. 16, 2021- Ignacio Montoya, 30, second from right, uses an Ekso bionic skeleton to help he walk along the boardwalk in Marina del Rey on Nov. 16, 2021. Ignacio Montoya, age 30, suffered a complete spinal cord injury in a motorcycle accident and was paralyzed from chest down 9 years ago. UCLA doctor, Reggie Edgerton, left, who treated Christopher Reeve, is working with Montoya and says he's making remarkable progress. Helping Ignacio is Hilda Torres, his wife, holding him from behind and Dr. Hui Zhong, right. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

Ignacio Montoya uses an exoskeleton suit and robotic legs to help him walk along the boardwalk in Marina del Rey. UCLA scientist Reggie Edgerton, left, and Dr. Hui Zong walk with Montoya. Hilda Torres, a staffer in Edgerton’s lab, holds him from behind. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

Ignacio Montoya pauses, gathers strength, takes a step.

Then another, and another.

With the assistance of a walker, an exoskeleton suit and robotic legs that are attached to his own and help propel him forward, Montoya is making his way up and down the promenade along the water’s edge at the Marina del Rey boat basin, next to the Trader Joe’s.

“Christopher Reeve would be amazed,” says UCLA scientist Reggie Edgerton, who worked with the late actor and is now watching Montoya’s every move.

Walking without assistance isn’t likely anytime soon, if ever, for those with severe spinal injuries. But

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Ujistěte se, že vaše letní pneumatiky budou správně uskladněny

A close-up of a camera

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Když přijde čas přezout na zimní pneumatiky, je také důležité správně uskladnit letní pneumatiky. Nejprve je potřeba zkontrolovat stav letních pneumatik, abyste si potvrdili, že se vyplatí šetřit. Pokud jsou pod hloubkou dezénu 4 mm, nevyplatí se na nich šetřit a měli byste je odevzdat do pneuservisu k recyklaci pneumatik. Pokud jsou větší než 4 mm, měly by být označeny na základě jejich polohy, když byly sejmuty. Je to proto, aby se daly otočit, když budou příští rok znovu namontovány, takže levá-pravá bude umístěna na pravé zadní pozici a pravá zadní pneumatika na levé přední pozici a totéž pro pneumatiky na pravé straně. To má vyrovnat rozdíly v opotřebení mezi přední a zadní polohou.

Pneumatiky by měly být také vyčištěny, aby se z nich odstranil olej a nečistoty, než budou uskladněny v chladném prostředí, aniž by na nich ležela velká váha. Měly by být také chráněny před … Read More

Huge Abandoned Motorcycle Collection Uncovered

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What would you do if you came across this?

Tucked away in Lockport, New York is a building housing a huge collection of abandoned motorcycles. It’s like every enthusiast’s dream come true, to stumble across a collection of vintage bikes which have sat undisturbed for a long time. There is floor after floor of complete motorcycles, engines, gas tanks, and many other parts scattered throughout the rooms like bodies strewn across a battlefield. Some of the bikes left behind could be worth small fortunes, yet they’ve just sat alone, gathering dust and rust.

Watch a biker eat it hard while trying to outrun a Porsche here.

Discovered by YouTuber Chris Luckhardt before YouTube was a big thing, the man explored this treasure trove without taking or disturbing anything. It’s almost like he’s an archeologist carefully documenting a situation born out of motorcycle

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