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Car sales expected to ramp up significantly in 2021 following bust amid coronavirus

Car lot

Car sales are on the upswing.

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Last year was not a great year for automakers. Production halted and sales plummeted. And although the pandemic continues to rage amid vaccines rolling out, a new forecast shows brighter days in 2021 for carmakers. TrueCar released its 2021 forecast on Thursday and the firm’s analysts believe we’ll see 16 million cars sold this year.

The figure includes both retail and fleet sales for the total number, and it marks a substantial uptick from 2020 numbers. Last year, new cars sales dropped significantly, with a total of 14.6 million cars sold. To put that into perspective, it was the worst year for carmakers since 2012, when Americans scooped up 14.4 million new cars in the shadows of the Great Recession. Throughout the

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Best women’s road bike saddles

Choosing the best women’s road bike saddle can make a huge difference to your ride, because contact points are an all-important element of on-bike comfort. Even the best women’s road bike, no matter how well sized, will have you cutting your ride short if the contact points aren’t set up properly. 

Keeping your bum and nether regions happy can easily be achieved though, not only with a good pair of padded shorts, but also with the right saddle. Women’s specific saddles have come a long way, thankfully, and the options on the market are quite vast nowadays.

Choosing the best women’s road bike saddle isn’t always the easiest thing to do. As with many other bike components and kit accessories, saddles come in all shapes and sizes, and even when you narrow them down to women’s specific, the sheer amount of choice can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure what

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If you live in one of these 10 cities, you may not live as long

In the COVID-19 age, workers can work from anywhere — just as long as there’s an internet connection.

For those seeking a healthier lifestyle, it might be time to consider a move out of your current city. New research conducted by Lenstore analyzed more than 40 cities across the world to find which can lead to the best well-rounded, healthiest lifestyle.

With the pandemic stressing people out and causing all types of medical anomalies, maybe it’s time to consider heading to Amsterdam for a while.

The Dutch capital ranked as the number one location for leading a healthy lifestyle, according to the study. Residing in the fifth happiest country in the world, Amsterdam can be a big boost to your lifestyle especially if you’re one for outdoor activities. The city is known for its picturesque cycling over canals. It’s a cheaper method of travel and packs a ton of health

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Frank Shankwitz, a Founder of Make-a-Wish, Is Dead at 77

Frank Shankwitz, an Arizona Highway Patrol officer who, after helping a terminally ill boy realize his dream of becoming a motorcycle cop, co-founded the Make-a-Wish Foundation and served as its first president, died on Jan. 24 at his home in Prescott, Ariz. He was 77.

His wife, Kitty Shankwitz, said the cause was esophageal cancer.

Mr. Shankwitz was on patrol in April 1980 when one of his supervisors radioed him to return to headquarters in Phoenix. The department had learned about a boy named Chris Greicius who wanted to be a motorcycle officer when he grew up, just like Ponch and Jon, the main characters on his favorite television show, “CHiPs.” He also had end-stage leukemia.

The department had decided to make Chris’s wish come true, if just for a few days. A police helicopter ferried him to police headquarters from the hospital where he was being treated.

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