The Unstoppable Rise Of Women’s Sport And The T-Junction Ahead.

The meteoric rise of women’s sport is a huge untapped opportunity for brands.

Record broken! In 2021, domestic women’s sport attracted 32.9M viewers in 2021, this is +29% above the average of the previous 9 years. 

This key data from the Women’s Sport Trust’s “visibility uncovered” report is telling: the visibility of women’s sport is at its highest. And there is more to come: 2022 will be packed with exciting sport events. Women’s sport looks unstoppable.

 As a trustee of the Women’s Sport Trust since 2017, I am naturally excited and energised by this momentum. But somehow as a brand builder I am also unsatisfied.

Excited because Women’s sport is now widely available on screens and in arenas, attracting sponsors. Women’s sport is more visible and viable than ever. Unsatisfied because there is still a long way ahead for Women’s sport to enter popular culture. Why does it matter to

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2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Track Series News and Information

The new Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series: limited edition, unlimited performance

2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Track Series
Affalterbach – The most powerful customer sports car ever developed by Mercedes-AMG: the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series, conceptualized for use during track day events. With the exclusive limited edition, the Mercedes-AMG motorsport department is celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Affalterbach- based company. Limited to 55 units, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series serves as a memento to AMG founders Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher and their philosophy: making the best even better yet. The result is an uncompromised, exclusive performance car that reflects the automotive constructors’ art of Mercedes-AMG in a unique way.
1.New Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is limited to 55 units
2.Most powerful customer sports car ever to be developed by Mercedes-AMG
3.Extension of AMG portfolio by an exclusive member for track day events2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Track Series
The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is extending the GT legacy with a new

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2022 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Makes the Insane Seem Sane

Photo credit: Marc Urbano - Car and Driver

Photo credit: Marc Urbano – Car and Driver

From the April 2022 issue of Car and Driver.

Money can’t buy more time on earth, but it will buy a $3,825,000 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. And while 1578 horsepower won’t extend your expiration date, accelerating hard in a Super Sport crams a hell of a lot of living into a short amount of time. You see, the Super Sport’s four new turbochargers compress not only air, but also time. Take, for example, the amount the Chiron Super Sport takes to get to 200 mph. Those 14.8 seconds squeeze in a month’s worth of terror, joy, and comedy.

Your life does flash in front of you the first time you floor the Chiron’s accelerator and unleash the W-16’s gas-fired hell on the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Launch control brings the engine to about 2500 rpm, allowing the Super Sport to build some boost

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Leclerc shows why he has potential to challenge for F1 title

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, foreground, and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen during the Bahrain Grand Prix. (AFP via Getty Images)


It took three laps in Bahrain for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc to show why he is a potential Formula One title contender, heading into this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Sure, the slick driver from Monaco won the season-opener last Sunday in style: from pole position and with the fastest lap.

But what really stood out was the way he went toe-to-toe with world champion Max Verstappen — his former teen rival from their karting days — and came out on top.

Verstappen overtook him three times on Laps 17-19, only for Leclerc to show poise, control and aggression to win his place back on each occasion.

There wasn’t a hint of panic, despite who he was up against. Leclerc now tops the driver standings on 26 points, with teammate Carlos Sainz

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