July 21, 2024


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LiveWire One electric motorcycle makes its debut, but don’t call it a Harley


With a new brand and a new name, the LiveWire One is still one of the most exciting electric motorcycles around.


Harley-Davidson announced an updated version of its LiveWire electric motorcycle on Thursday; only it’s not a Harley anymore. Instead, Harley has spun off its electric motorcycle division into its own brand, which is also called LiveWire.

The LiveWire One looks a whole lot like the Harley-branded LiveWire we know and love, only it’s got a new paint job and a new logo. As before, the bike offers up around 146 miles of range in urban riding and can be DC fast-charged from 0-100% in 60 minutes, making it pretty easy to live with.

From what we can tell, there haven’t been a ton of changes to the model, aside from the rebrand and rename, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing or surprising. After all, Harley spent a boatload of greenbacks developing the LiveWire, and it hasn’t been out that long.

What it does seem to have revamped is the LiveWire One’s pricing. What used to be a nearly $30,000 motorcycle now asks just $21,999 before any applicable tax credits (which are significantly less than the car ones, don’t get too excited). This puts it more in line with similarly premium nonelectric bikes and, in general, makes the LiveWire One a more attractive proposition.

The LiveWire One will make its physical debut on July 18 at the International Motorcycle Show in Northern California. The bike will also be made available in non-US markets starting in 2022.

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