June 19, 2024


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Nomad Sport band for Apple Watch 7 review: Optimal ventilation, light weight, and high quality materials

The Apple Watch Series 7 is arguably the best smartwatch available today. After years of Apple Watch releases it is clear that people enjoy changing bands to match their mood, style, and activity. Tankfully Apple keeps using the same attachment design so you can build up a vast collection of watch bands.

Apple Sport bands are $49 and offer a minimalist design with a solid soft fluoroelastomer material. A small round pin secures the band on your wrist. Nomad’s new Sport Band is priced at $59.95 and also uses a fluoroelastomer material. The Nomad Sport Band material is a bit thicker, has openings cut in the band for ventilation, and has concave sections in the band to support the flow of air and sweat so the Nomad option is better for those who work out with their Apple Watch.

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  • High quality materials
  • Secure pin and tuck system
  • Ample ventilation openings
  • Mature color options

Don’t Like

A pin and tuck system is used on the Nomad Sport Band, similar to Apple, but with a larger oblong aluminum pin that requires more force to release so you can rest assured it will stay in place on your wrist. The open sections also work to secure the band with the tuck portion fitting into a ventilation opening.

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The FKM rubber used by Nomad is a high-performance fluoroelastomer that is antimicrobial and can be easily sanitized with soap and water. The band slides into the Apple Watch lug openings, but hasn’t slid in as easily as Apple’s Sport band. Nomad states that the band resists a 5-20 kgf lateral slide-out force when installed in the Apple Watch so this side force factor may be the reason it takes a bit more to install and remove the band from the watch.

The Nomad Sport Band is available in 44/45mm and 40/41mm sizes so while the newest version was released after the Apple Watch Series 7 release, the bands fit all previous models of the Apple Watch. Apple seems to focus on a younger generation of Apple Watch users with fun, youthful, vibrant Sport band options. Nomad offers five colors for the more discerning customer and all can be worn proudly in the office, out to dinner, or in the gym. Available colors include Black, Lunar Gray, Ash Green, Marine Blue, and Dune. The Lunar Gray FKM is finished with a subtle microtexture for a classy satin finish.

We tested the Marine Blue and Lunar Gray color options with our green aluminum Apple Watch Series 7. The Lunar Gray looks great with the green watch, but I may soon have to try out the Ash Green one as well.

I always choose the Apple Sport Band as the default watch band when I purchase an Apple Watch and find it comfortable, However, that band has been put back in the box since I find the Nomad Sport Band better for workouts with all of the openings and ridges in the band. The colors are a better fit for my age and lifestyle. I also find the Nomad Sport Band to be more secure, helping protect my investment in the Apple Watch.