If You Want To Understand How Motorcycles Work, Start Here

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To paraphrase the iconic Spice Girls, if you wanna understand the motorcycle basics, you gotta get with Ryan F9. The good-natured Canadian folks at FortNine have been putting together some of the most interesting and well-produced motorcycling videos for beginners, experts, and everyone in between for quite some time now. And every time they drop a new one, it’s always a stop-what-you’re-doing-and-watch moment. This most recent video sees the flannel-clad lad tearing a small vintage Suzuki limb from limb in the interest of education.

Ryan has done this before, but in reverse, a few years ago with a busted KLR650 rebuild. A place for each piece, and each piece in its place. Fancy stop motion and off-camera wrenching make it look easy. For something as simple as this old carbureted, drum-braked, cable-operated Suzuki, however, it might actually be as easy as it looks. There’s not much

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Best New Electric Motorcycles Taking Charge in 2021: A Buying Guide

The Volcon Grunt isn’t your typical motorcycle. It has cartoonishly blown-up rubber tires and a single cyclops-like LED headlight. It’s not a cruiser or street racer. In fact, it’s not even legal for street riding.

But with a top speed of 60 mph, and an electric motor that its maker says can go 100 miles on a charge, what it can do is take you deep into nature and back, almost silently. The target market for the $5,995 Grunt is less easy riders than it is hunters, hikers, anglers, birdwatchers, and other adventure seekers.

Says Andrew Leisner, the chief executive officer of Austin, Texas-based Volcon: “This is a motorcycle not designed for motorcyclists.” 

The same, it seems, can be said of many of its competitors. After almost two decades of electric cars, there’s a boom in electric motorcycles of all shapes and sizes. There are neighborhood commuter bikes, backwoods bikes,

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Burglars brazenly steal four Harley-Davidson motorcycles worth $95,000 from dealer and ride them out of shop

BURGLARS were caught rolling out of a motorcycle shop riding four stolen Harley-Davidsons – worth an estimated $95,000.

Surveillance video captured the crooks riding the motorcycles right out the front door of a dealership in Kokomo, Indiana, early on Wednesday morning.

The culprits hopped on the Harleys and rode right out of the showroom


The culprits hopped on the Harleys and rode right out of the showroomCredit: Kokomo Police Department
One of the thieves can be seen in the footage going to open the front door for the others


One of the thieves can be seen in the footage going to open the front door for the othersCredit: Kokomo Police Department

Kokomo Police shared the footage to their Facebook page, and said the four suspects entered the dealership at 3.22am, “wearing concealable clothing and motorcycle helmets.”

“The suspects were able to start the motorcycles and ride out of the building through the main showroom doors,” police said.

The suspects were captured heading southbound on State Road 931, police said.

The department asked that anyone who has any

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Greatest Low-cost Motorcycles For Kids

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