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Get On! Motorcycle Festival Welcomes Top Manufacturers & Teases the World-Premiere of a New Bike Model | State

PHILADELPHIA, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RevZilla, Cycle Gear, J&P Cycles and REVER are excited to offer visitors one-of-a-kind experiences with top motorcycle manufacturers and exclusive product premieres at the inaugural Get On! Moto Fest in Dallas from May 21 – 23, 2021. These top retailers and ride app will join forces with other respected industry giants like BMW, Kawasaki, Indian and Volcon, for a weekend of hands-on demos, experiences designed for riders of all levels—and those who have a newfound curiosity that’s worth exploring.

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Motorcycle, off-road vehicle safety as weather warms up (Healthy You)

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — It’s that time of year again, Saturday morning motorcycle rides and taking the ATV out for a spin.

If you have a need for speed, especially in something other than a car, safety should always come first.

Dr. Joshua Schacter’s typical attire is a leather jacket, boots, a helmet, gloves and pants. That is when the orthopedic surgeon rides into work on his own motorcycle.

“Motorcycling is never going to be completely safe, but neither is life,” United Regional Orthopedic Surgeon Joshua Schacter, DO said. “What we want to do with motorcycling is we want to educate, we want to practice our skills and we want to use and wear the proper equipment.”

Schacter knows all too well the ramifications of not following the rules of the road.

“The problem with a lot of these injuries is that they’re life-changing,” Schacter said.

As the weather heats

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Fort Bliss soldier dies after motorcycle crash in East El Paso

A young Fort Bliss soldier has died after being hospitalized for five days following a motorcycle crash in East El Paso.

Spc. Ethan Harvey Mandel, 20, was mortally injured in an April 5 motorcycle crash on George Dieter Drive near Trawood Drive, according to El Paso police and an online fundraising page set up by family.

“I’m so very sad and sorry tell you that our beautiful boy Ethan lefts us yesterday evening. Our hearts are broken,” a GoFundMe page stated Sunday.

About 1:15 a.m. on April 5, Mandel was riding a 2008 Honda CBR motorcycle southbound on George Dieter Drive at a high speed, police said.

Mandel failed to negotiate a curve, hopped a curb and hit landscaping bushes and rocks on the center median, a police news release stated.

Police said Mandel was thrown from the motorcycle, landing on the northbound lanes of George Dieter. Mandel, who was

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Florida officer killed in motorcycle crash laid to rest

Corrections Captain Mark Elam, an 18-year employee with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, was killed in a crash Thursday while riding his motorcycle to work.

SAN MATEO, Fla. — (Note: The video above was first published April 8.)

A Putnam County Sheriff’s Office corrections officer who died in a motorcycle crash last week has been laid to rest.

Corrections Captain Mark Elam, an 18-year employee with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, was riding his motorcycle to work on Thursday when he collided with a van in the San Mateo area, the sheriff’s office said.

A celebration of Elam’s life took place Monday at 4 p.m. at Conventry Oaks Farm in Palatka. As a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, the USMC and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office rendered military honors.

A motorcade procession escorted Elam to the funeral, including officers from Palatka Police Department, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, St. Johns County Sheriff’s

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