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New Expedition Oregon program wants Ducks to take a hike

Beginning spring term, the University of Oregon’s Outdoor Program and Division of Global Engagement will offer a new program designed to bring students safely together in the outdoors and encourage healthy living and screenless activities.

As part of the Expedition Oregon program, students will explore Eugene and Lane County on day trips to see waterfalls up the McKenzie River, explore old-growth forests, hunt for mushrooms and ride bikes. The program will also offer Campfire Sessions, an interactive workshop offering a safe space for students to share experiences, advice and ideas, and build a community.

Expedition Oregon will be run by professor Eric Boggs, director of the Lundquist College of Business honors program. Boggs’ goal for students is to “access the incredible nearby nature of Eugene and connect them to all the resources that the UO has to offer with the Outdoor Program and Outdoor Pursuits Program.” 

Boggs believes many

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The best E-bike models that are all the rage

Peter Bourke, general manager of Bicycles Industries Australia, says there were around 9000 e-bikes sold across the country in 2016-17; that figure rose to almost 50,000 in 2019-20 – and it’s expected to keep rising once the current worldwide bike shortage clears.

E-bikes that are classified as ″⁣pedelecs″⁣ are not motorbikes – you still need to pedal, but the battery powered motor can be programmed to kick in when you need a boost. Under Australian laws, the motor must cut out at 25km/h – if you want to go faster, it needs to be under your own steam. However, e-bikes are not about speed: they’re about comfort, mileage, sustainability and affordability.

Paul Bullivant, owner of Glow Worm Electric Bikes in Marrickville in Sydney, is convinced the market still has room to grow – so much so that he’s opening a new branch in Melbourne’s Collingwood.

He says families in particular

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Road bike sizing: what size bike do I need?

Riding a bike that doesn’t fit is no fun. It’s uncomfortable and you risk injury from being too cramped or too stretched out, but knowing what size bike you should buy can be a bit of a minefield. So here’s some advice to help you find the right size road bike.

Finding the right bike starts with the frame shape — traditional, semi-compact or compact — and size.

Two bike models of the same stated size can also result in very different positions, so it’s well worth reading up on the key numbers that affect road bike geometry, what they mean, and how they affect fit and handling to ensure you’re buying the best road bike for your needs.

Getting a good fit means more than just having the right size frame. It also means your bike fits at all the main contact points: saddle, handlebars and pedals. Have a

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Top 5 mountain bike trends for 2021

What does 2021 have in store for mountain bike tech? Well, it’s lucky you asked, because here are our top five mountain bike trends for the year.

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1. XC racing continues to get radder

Top 5 mountain bike trends

XC race bikes are more capable than ever.
Felix Smith / Immediate Media

2020 was set to be a big year for cross-country, with the Olympic Games scheduled and updates of classic bikes such as the Specialized Epic and Cannondale Scalpel. Then, well, we all know what happened next.

However, looking ahead to this year, the trend seems to be a continuation on the theme of XC race bikes getting radder and more capable every year.

Take the Specialized Epic. The most recent update has a reach of 470mm in a size large. Not long ago that would have been seen

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