May 25, 2024


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Study: We All Think Distracted Driving Is a Problem. Many Do It Anyway.

A driver checks their cell phone behind the wheel

A driver checks their cell phone behind the wheelNinety-a few % of drivers imagine reading through on a cell mobile phone though driving is “very or extremely” harmful. 30-six per cent of these exact same motorists admitted to performing it anyway in the previous 30 times.

That distressing overlap is a single takeaway from the AAA Basis for Traffic Safety’s once-a-year research of driver habits.

The 2021 Targeted traffic Safety Lifestyle Index surveyed a consultant sample of active, certified motorists in the U.S. to review driver behavior. The final results, printed this 7 days, could lose some gentle on why federal basic safety statistics clearly show road deaths have strike a two-decade high.

We know which behaviors are harmful driving the wheel. Lots of of us have interaction in them anyway.

AAA found:

  • Motorists consider texting or emailing (92%) and examining (93%) on a mobile phone behind the wheel is unsafe. But in the last 30 times, 36% acknowledge to looking through a text or e mail, and 26% admit to sending just one.
  • Fewer (77%) perceived speaking on a hand-held mobile cellphone while driving is risky, but extra (37%) had accomplished it.
  • Even though 63% of drivers think the law enforcement would most likely apprehend them for traveling 15 mph in excess of the pace restrict on a freeway, about half documented participating in the conduct in the previous thirty day period.
  • Much less (65%) feel that driving beneath the influence of cannabis is hazardous. But only 5% described carrying out so in the very last thirty day period. Social disapproval might be a variable there — 93% claimed that people significant to them would disapprove of the behavior.
  • Most drivers believe drowsy driving to be really or very dangerous (95%) and that people critical to them would disapprove of the habits (99%). Nevertheless, 19% of drivers described obtaining engaged in drowsy driving in the previous thirty day period.