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These Dads Started Cycling for Survival. Now They Ride for Strength

Survival. That’s how we describe what 2020 was for Black people, Black businesses, and Black communities.

We—Chuck and Chad—started the year as two busy entrepreneurs, already searching for ways to stay afloat with families and mortgages when Covid hit. Chuck is a partner at his own brand strategy consultancy, Rupture Studio, and Chad was the owner of a staffing consultancy called CRTVE.

The first few months of Covid were terrifying. For Chad, clients halted hiring talent and contracts that were freshly signed were now being retracted. And Chuck didn’t know where the next project was coming from. Clients turned off the lights and put their marketing spend on hold as they laid off staff. He and his wife and partner Nandi were racking their brains, trying to find daylight.

Fast forward three months after initial lockdown, the Black community was suffering yet another major blow with the death of George

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If you live in one of these 10 cities, you may not live as long

In the COVID-19 age, workers can work from anywhere — just as long as there’s an internet connection.

For those seeking a healthier lifestyle, it might be time to consider a move out of your current city. New research conducted by Lenstore analyzed more than 40 cities across the world to find which can lead to the best well-rounded, healthiest lifestyle.

With the pandemic stressing people out and causing all types of medical anomalies, maybe it’s time to consider heading to Amsterdam for a while.

The Dutch capital ranked as the number one location for leading a healthy lifestyle, according to the study. Residing in the fifth happiest country in the world, Amsterdam can be a big boost to your lifestyle especially if you’re one for outdoor activities. The city is known for its picturesque cycling over canals. It’s a cheaper method of travel and packs a ton of health

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Geraint Thomas Cycling Club | Geraint Thomas Launches New Podcast

Calling all G fans! Pro cyclist Geraint Thomas announced on December 22 that he has launched his own cycling club, and it’s open to everyone.

A few days later, the 2018 Tour de France winner gave an update on his club, adding that it will host a new podcast as well, of the same name, dedicated to telling “the stories and secrets of pro cycling.”

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The podcast is co-hosted by Tom Fordyce, an avid cyclist “who owns too many bikes” and creative director for Crowd Network, the podcast-producing company with which Thomas has teamed up. The first episode, which dropped January 12, is 53 minutes long and features an interview with pro cyclist Richie Porte.

[Want to

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Stomach-churning footage shows Scots cyclist Danny MacAskill cycling down Skye mountains

With his overseas filming plans thrown into disarray due to the pandemic, trail biker Danny MacAskill decided to look a little closer to home for his latest film.

The Slabs sees him take on Sgurr Dubh Beag on the Isle of Skye with his bike strapped to his back, before riding down a 900-metre route.

A six-minute clip, filmed using GoPros and a drone, shows the incredible biking pro using all his skills to navigate the steep climb which at times looks almost vertical.

The 35-year-old, who became an overnight superstar in 2009 after launching his first video on Youtube, posted the newest feature online after coronavirus restrictions forced the cancellation of several projects in 2020.

a bird sitting on top of a rocky mountain: Danny takes on the impressively sheer terrain.

© YouTube
Danny takes on the impressively sheer terrain.

Speaking about the latest stunt, Danny stated that much like everyone else, 2020 had thrown “a big curveball”, he said: “I had a big bunch

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