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Ominous Death Cross Forms On Toyota Motor’s Chart By Benzinga

© Reuters. Ominous Death Cross Forms On Toyota Motor’s Chart

If history is any guide, there may be trouble ahead for shares of Toyota Motor (NYSE:TM). A so-called “death cross” has formed on its chart and, not surprisingly, this could be bearish for the stock.

What To Know: Many traders use moving average crossover systems to make their decisions.

When a shorter-term average price crosses above a longer-term average price, it could mean the stock is trending higher. If the short-term average price crosses below the long-term average price, it means the trend is lower.

Why It’s Important: The 50-day and the 200-day simple moving averages are commonly used.

The death cross occurs when the 50-day moves below the 200-day. This could mean the long-term trend is changing.

That just happened with Toyota Motor, which is trading around $171.25 at publication time.

Remember: Seasoned investors don’t blindly trade Death Crosses.

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Is Trending Stock Ford Motor Company (F) a Buy Now?

Ford Motor Company (F) has been one of the most searched-for stocks on lately. So, you might want to look at some of the facts that could shape the stock’s performance in the near term.

Over the past month, shares of this company have returned -8.4%, compared to the Zacks S&P 500 composite’s +7.4% change. During this period, the Zacks Automotive – Domestic industry, which Ford Motor Company falls in, has gained 23.6%. The key question now is: What could be the stock’s future direction?

Although media reports or rumors about a significant change in a company’s business prospects usually cause its stock to trend and lead to an immediate price change, there are always certain fundamental factors that ultimately drive the buy-and-hold decision.

Revisions to Earnings Estimates

Here at Zacks, we prioritize appraising the change in the projection of a company’s future earnings over anything else. That’s because

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What Is the Water Cup Challenge? Latest TikTok Trend Labeled ‘New Jenga’

In news that might surprise some out there, TikTok’s latest rising “challenge” is a far more wholesome one that you might be used to.

The “Water Cup Challenge” has been growing in popularity this month since NFL star JuJu Smith-Schuster filmed a now-viral attempt at it with friends, resulting in the loser being thrown in the pool.

water cups and Jenga
Left: Stock image of a Jenga tower. Right: Stock image of water cups. A TikTok Challenge has been dubbed the “new Jenga” online.
Getty Images

Unlike other trends on the app, of the ones that actually exist, the Water Cup Challenge is pure harmless fun, and is actually a great science lesson at the same time.

The challenge has been dubbed an alternative to Jenga, as a high-stack turn-taking game to see who can cause it all to fall down first. Instead however, participants simply fill up a glass of water in turns,

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Halifax e-scooter enthusiast hopes more people hop on micromobility trend

If you’re looking to get around fast in downtown Halifax but you don’t want to drive or bike, chances are you can find electric scooters for rent on the Halifax waterfront.

But thanks to recently announced changes to the province’s Motor Vehicle Act, one local business owner says you could soon see the portable, battery-powered rides everywhere.

Max Rastelli, owner of HFX e-Scooters and Segway Nova Scotia, said he believes large “micromobility” companies have been holding off coming to Halifax until now. 

“Perhaps next year or some point in the future, I would expect to see more operators in the city and competition in the city,” said Rastelli, adding there could be “thousands of scooters on the streets” if big-name operators were to set up shop in Halifax.

Rastelli said he hopes legislation introduced Tuesday to permit the safe operation of e-scooters on municipal roadways will encourage more Nova Scotians

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