Day: January 6, 2021

Cyclists Want To Use Motorcycle Lanes On Weekends Due To A Very Obvious Issue

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Cyclists have often been the subject of significant amount of vitriol online, especially from motorists who find them rather annoying and dangerous on the roads. In response, they’ve come out to make their case – like suggesting that motorbike lanes can be reserved bicycle lanes on weekends.

Faz Adhili, a long-time member of Malaysia’s cycling scene and owner of Plan A bicycle shop, notes that there is a lack of infrastructure available in the country for cyclists, which is why so much misunderstanding happens between cyclists and motorists.

In an Astro Awani interview, he says that even existing bike lanes are often not usable for cyclists due to people not respecting the lanes at all. Plenty of people double-park on the cycling lanes, and some even open roadside stalls on the lane, obstructing the usage for cyclists.

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle: Cyclists cycling on the road without proper bicycle lanes. (Credit: Faz Adhili)


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