May 19, 2024


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5 BMW Motorcycles You Can Likely Afford

The first BMW Motorrad model rolled off the production line in 1923, kicking off decades of new, increasingly sleek motorcycles. Over these decades, BMW has made a strong foothold in the market with high-quality bikes for every kind of enthusiast – be it a sports bike lover, roadster fanatic, an adventure biker, or touring motorcycle aficionado.

Image: BMW

Bikes like the M 1000 RR or K 1600 B can make any motorhead go weak in the knees, but their base costs at $32,495 and $22,545, respectively, make them something not everyone can afford. The German automaker has some models that are far more affordable, though, giving just about any rider the chance to own a BMW motorcycle. Here are the five most affordable and time-tested BMW bikes that’ll ignite your lust for speed, yet (probably) still be within your budget.

BMW G 310 R – Roadster bike

BMW G310R near beach

BMW Motorrad

The most affordable BMW bike out there is the G 310 R, a fun-handling and agile roadster first released in 2015 (via BMW). The front end of the bike is low and aggressive while the rear is kept short and kicked up, lending it dynamic handling and cool styling, all in one package. The weight balance and natural riding position are optimized for commanding maneuverability and assuring stability in the city, though it can also handle itself on the open road. The bike’s design is similar to that of the S 1000 R, making it particularly attractive.

This BMW bike is powered by a 313ccm single-cylinder four-stroke engine optimized for city riding and adrenaline-inducing freeway trips. The 180-degree rotation of the cylinder head shifts the center of gravity toward the front wheel for ease of control. The power is delivered flawlessly to the wheels via a six-speed gearbox hurling the two-wheeler to a top speed of 88 MPH. The BMW G 310 R is positioned just right at $4,995 base price (via BMW Motorrad), making it the top choice for motorcycle lovers who always wanted to own a BMW two-wheeler.

BMW R 1250 RS – Sports tourer

BMW R 1250 RS


The sports touring-styled BMW R 1250 RS strikes a balance between being a powerful sports bike and a comfortable tourer, making it well-tailored for speed junkies who fancy sharp aesthetics in their ride. The 1254cc twin-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine delivers an impressive output of 136hp with a maximum torque of 105 lb-ft at 6,250rpm. The sports bike comes with Ride Mode Pro that boasts Hill Start Control Pro with automatic brake activation and Dynamic Brake Assist. Depending on the riding conditions, the Dynamic ESA automatically adjusts the damping and the strut’s spring preload.

BMW R 1250 RS


The BMW R 1250 RS will definitely appeal to young riders courtesy of the 6.5-inch TFT display that connects to smartphones via Bluetooth for easy navigation, taking calls, or listening to music. BMW Motorrad has kept the center of gravity very low for superior handling characteristics. The power delivery is very smooth and there are no signs of any shaft jacking. This makes the motorcycle a joy to ride, and with a starting price of $15,695 (via BMW Motorrad), it ensures the rider gets the heart-pumping joy of speed.

BMW F 900 XR – Touring bike

BMW F 900 XR


The F 900 XR is arguably one of the most flamboyant BMW motorcycles you can buy on a budget. The practical bike has a high style quotient with its elegant shape and ergonomic design, one that keeps in mind the rider’s comfort on long journeys. The latest model’s redesigned headlight radiates a very intimidating nature. The bike is powered by a two-cylinder in-line 895cc engine producing 68 lb-ft of torque (4,500 and 8,500rpm) and 99 horsepower (via Top Speed) for precise control of the motorcycle. The F 900 XR comes with off-road features like automatic stability control and an adjustable windshield to expand the ways in which the bike can be used.

BMW F 900 XR


BMW has designed the tourer motorcycle with countless corners in mind — that’s where the protective front fairing comes into play, with safety being in focus. Other innovations like Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and Engine Braking Control (EBC) make sure the ride is smooth even when there are abrupt accelerator releases or sudden downshifts.

The seat height can be adjusted from 30.5- to 34.25-inches, and the hand lever is fully adjustable. The pillion passenger’s ride comfort has also been tended to in the F 900 XR (via BMW Motorcycles) with an optimal footrest positioning. With an affordable starting price of $11,695, this motorcycle is true value for money.

BMW R nineT Pure – Heritage motorcycle

BMW R nineT Pure


Trimmed in essentials for cost-effectiveness, the 2022 BMW R nineT Pure brims with confidence, is a pleasure on dry tarmac, and is stable in rain. Featuring a compact fuel tank and a slender rear reminiscent of the classic roadster (via BMW Motorrad), the 2022 BMW R nineT Pure has a starting price of $10,995 for its air/oil-cooled two-cylinder, four-stroke 1,170cc engine.

To ensure power and thrill on every journey with its 109 horsepower and 85.5 lb-ft of torque, BMW throws Road and Rain modes into the bike for safety and improved dynamics. There are adaptive headlights so you don’t mind road bends at night. The 2022 R nineT arrives in five color variations, though it is the customization option that opens up some possibilities to ensure your ride looks unlike any other on the road.

BMW F 750 GS – Adventure bike

BMW F 750 GS


The BMW F 750 GS is one of my personal favorites on this list due to its all-around ability to take on any terrain in comfort and sublime riding pleasure. This adventure bike has an optimized ride height, precise power delivery, and the spirit of the GS series. The punchy in-line twin-cylinder engine has a distinctive V2 sound and twin balancing shafts to keep vibrations down and make everything feel smooth. The ride gets the standard fitment slipper clutch for a lighter lever feel, which is ideal for long tours on less than hospitable roads.

The F 750 GS is a uniquely balanced two-wheeler that suites all riders regardless of experience; it is perfect for lighter off-road adventures and city escapades, as well. The ergonomics have been revamped from the previous generation, positioning the handlebars, seat, and footrests to suit the rider. Likewise, the rear-mounted fuel tank has been moved forward for better wheel-load distribution. The $11,255 bike (via BMW Motorrad) is a perfect way to experience the GS spirit on a budget, as beginners and long-time riders will all agree.