June 19, 2024


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Australia’s Ride Your Motorcycle Week 2021 To Kick Off This November

Ride Your Motorcycle Week 2021

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Ride Your Motorcycle Week 2021

Two wheels = too good.

As some of us in the northern hemisphere have snow in our weather forecast already, riders in Australia are gearing up to get the most of summer riding season. That’s one reason the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries wants to encourage riders of all kinds to mount up for the country’s annual Ride Your Motorcycle Week campaign. 

Previously known as “Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Week,” the event was renamed after 2020, for multiple reasons. As with so many things, the pandemic really changed the way many people think about work. However, it’s not just that more people have been working remotely than ever before. It’s also the fact that there are so many different kinds of riding out there. Whether you like to do off-road riding, or only do track days and choose not to ride on the street, Ride Your Motorcycle Week is for every type of rider there is. 

In addition to all the usual reasons to encourage motorcycling, the FCAI also sees riding as a potential tool in its COVID-19 recovery toolbox. “Riding has a real role to play in helping Australia get back to work, offering socially distanced transportation and alleviating congestion and parking issues. As ever, our secondary goal is to capture the attention of policy makers who too often overlook riding in developing transportation infrastructure,” FCAI chief executive Tony Weber said in a statement. 

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The campaign even got Tech3 KTM rider Remy Gardner in to help promote the event. In 2021, Ride Your Motorcycle Week takes place from November 29 through December 5. That means if you’ve been putting off doing a spring service on your bike to get it ready for the new riding season, you still have a couple of weeks to get those last maintenance items checked off your list. Grab your gear, open the throttle, and ride your bike, Australia! 

Source: Ride Your Motorcycle Week via MCNews.com.au