July 14, 2024


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AUTOID Satin Black M240i xDrive Build Thread

AUTOID Satin Black M240i xDrive Build Thread


Well, I have only just realised I haven’t created any form of permanent base to keep track of all the changes my M240i.

Worth me starting with collection day. In the UK we’re blessed to have the infamous ‘TRL Deals’, affectionately known as Uncle Tony. He is the man to go to if you’re looking for any kind of M Performance or M Product car here in the UK as he is not only a great guy but is almost always the cheapest when compared to other dealers. He looked after us with the G42 and we we’re very lucky to among the first in the UK to be driving one of these.

I’ll be listing a number of mods for the car in the thread, all of which are available to purchase here:


  • Brooklyn Grey over Congac Leather Interior
  • Performance Pack
  • Tech Pack
  • M Pack Plus (Larger Front Brake Discs & Additional Oil Cooler)
  • Adaptive Suspension


The car didn’t stay stock for long. Here’s how we’ve modded the car in chronological order…

Started off small. Interior mods. TRE carbon fibre seat backs (EU cars only )were added along with the carbon fibre overlay for the steering trim.

Our first video with the car, including the collection:


We then installed the JB4 tuning box, along with a dyno run to test the effectiveness of it. 400bhp stock, 450 with the box. We was very surprised by these results to say the least, the car is very impressive out of the box:


One of the main gripes I had with the car stock was the rear exhaust tips, so I was keen to upgrade the exhaust almost as soon as I got the car. That led to us getting a custom fabricated OPF-back (or axle back for the US guys) quad tip exhaust. This was a work of art and it didn’t sound too bad either.

We made a video on the install here:


However, given this car was bought for development, work on the exhaust didn’t stop there. Our friends at Milltek later reached out and offered the chance to develop a new cat-back system, including an OPF by-pass module. Which is the main reason customers avoid cat-back here in the UK.

So little over 3 weeks after our custom fabricated exhaust was installed, the car was loaded on a trailer and sent up north to Milltek HQ. 2 weeks later, we had the car back, sounding better than ever. We’re very impressed with this system and have since added it to the AUTOID store.


Next was a trip down to our friends at Evolve Automotive for the development of the G42 M240i Carbon Fibre Eventuri intake. This is something I had previously on my B9 RS5 and it was a no brainer to add to the 240i. A lot of the parts for the G42 M240i can be carried over from the G42, so it was simply a matter of testing to see what worked and what didn’t. By the end of the day, we had the system installed and the kit finalised.


Full Video:


Whilst down at Evolve, we also had to opportunity to test another new part. The MSS HAS kit. These are the most ‘Apple’ like experience I have had from a car part. The packaging, product quality and overall execution is second-to-none. I was genuinely impressed from start to finish, and the ride quality is as good as OEM, if not better.

One of the common complaints of the MSS kit is the fact they’re a pain to install, which is true to a degree. The multiple parts do mean it’s more complex than your standard lowering spring, so I’d recommend a professional install. But once installed, as above, the ride is sublime.

We will most likely be testing a few different suspension options for the car through its lifetime so doubt it will stay on the MSS for good.


Next was time to install our first styling mod, the M Performance rear spoiler, and finally have the paint corrected. I don’t need to go on and tell you what factory paint is like, so I’ll just say that the guys down at AWC Detailing transformed the car. We had a 2-stage paint correction and ceramic coating applied. Goes without saying, this is a must for any new car. If you’re based in the South-east of the UK, there is no where better than AWC. Check them out here: https://awccardetailing.co.uk


We had already ordered wheels, so it was matter of time before they landed and were installed. We headed up to Swift Performance to have the wheels installed, along with an alignment following the install of the lowering springs. Specs on the wheels, they’re a collaboration between AUTOID and West Forged. These are a 1pc monoblock forged alloy wheel with a motorsport design and additional pocketing to help with weight saving. Approx 10kg per axle.

Whilst there, we also got an alignment to improve the tracking following the install of the MSS HAS Kit.

Few miles later, I headed to MSS HQ in Southampton for a check in and sign off on the G42 MSS Spring kit. Everything approved with green lights, so back on the road.


Next, we get to the fun stuff (for us anyway). The Styling parts. Our first kit is the Gloss Black Essentials kit. This is a Front Splitter + Side Skirt Combo. Perfect for someone looking to add a little flair to the car but not looking to go too far. This kit is installed using all OEM mounting points, so fitment is breeze. We reinforce the lip with some additional 3M tape and self-tapping screws, but other than that… easy job.

Splitter is a 3pc product too, meaning low-cost shipping around the world.

We made a little video of us installing the Gloss Black Kit, which you can find here:


We also then created a video on our favourite 5 (but actually 7) mods for the G42 M240i:

The car stayed like this for a month or two, whilst we finished work on the first version of our carbon fibre kit… This is the Essentials Carbon Fibre Splitter (same design as the gloss black splitter), combined with M Performance style TRE Side blades. Plus, the introduction of the brand TRE CS Rear Spoiler.

The CS variant of the spoiler takes my pick of the bunch so far. Really suits the rear of the car in my opinion. Side Blades are a perfect option for someone looking to add a little flare without going for the full skirt. They also inspired a new design, more on that in a minute…


Next for us was a focus on the performance aspect of the car. It was performing very well already (see video vs a G80 M3 here), however we felt it had more to give. I also wanted to add more sound to the car, so enter the cat-less downpipe. Great mod and really brought the car to life. It runs so much better now – feels more alert and sounds a lot more aggressive.

For those wondering, it has brought up an EML. We have tried two variants of spacer – J spacer, and J Spacer extended. Both of these fix the EML for around 300-500 miles. It then comes back, unfortunately. We’re going to switch the car to a high-flow cat later down the line as we do not intend to tune the ECU.

Install video here:



Next up, and perhaps the favourite thing I’ve done to date with the car. Our road trip to Austria. This is a good time to recap on the mods to date. I’ve already posted about this on Bimmerpost, you can find that here: https://g42.bimmerpost.com/forums/sh….php?t=1963519


  • JB4 Tuning Module
  • Eventuri Carbon Fibre Intake
  • DCE Catless Downpipe
  • Milltek Catback (OPF Delete) Exhaust with Cerakote Black Quad Tips
  • MSS Height Adjustable Suspension
  • WestForged x AUTOID Lightweight Forged Alloy Wheels (10kg per axle)
  • Endless ME22 Brake Pads
  • ATE Typ 200 Fluid


  • TRE Carbon Fibre Interior Kit (Satin)
  • TRE Carbon Fibre Seat Backs (Gloss, waiting for satin to be finished)
  • Essentials Carbon Fibre Front Splitter
  • Essentials Carbon Fibre Side Skirts (not shown)
  • TRE Carbon Fibre CS Rear Spoiler
  • M Performance Gloss Black M240i Badges

Check out the video here:

We’ve got a gallery of photos here:


We had this idea for a set of skirts since the winglets were introduced, so were keen to get them from pen and paper to reality. Very happy with the result. These are a full-length skirt, installed using all OEM mounting points.


It had to happen. Our M240i looked so good with all the mods, but I wanted something to make it look different. I’ve been a secret admirer of Black Sapphire Metallic, and most likely would have gone for this had I not been using the car for development. This was inspired the Satin Black look – or actually Wet Satin Black 3M vinyl.

I was blown away with the result. What do you think?


One of the things I’ve been pushing the product team and factory for since we got the car, the carbon fibre replacement mirror covers. These tie in all the other pieces of carbon fibre together in my opinion. Also a great excuse for another shoot

Available in LHD and RHD.

That brings us pretty much up to date. I will continue to update this thread as we introduce new products. Any questions, fire away!