Land Rover Range Rover Sport Remade as A ‘Stealth-like’ SUV

A new generation of Land Rover Range Rover debuted last year and there was no question that a fresh Range Rover Sport was soon on the way. The Great Britain-based automaker has delivered.

“The launch is especially important to us and our U.S. customers as it’s the most popular vehicle sold in the country,” Joe Eberhardt, president of Jaguar Land Rover North America said during an exclusive press preview of the model. “Range Rover Sport customers are our most loyal customers,” he continued, sharing that the company sends one in three Range Rover Sports sold in U.S. to either Los Angeles, Miami or New York City.

The 2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport combines the looks and technology of the fifth-generation Range Rover into a smaller, more budget-friendly package. It too features a reductive design approach, with its muscular looks combining with sporty nods to deliver ‘stealth-like’ looks.

“Our latest

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Which Mercedes-Benz Models Had the Most Horsepower?

If we talk about fast cars, burning tires, and hundreds of horsepower in a car, Mercedes-AMG cars fit the perfect description. On top of that, AMG engines produce the most brutal and beautiful sound that rings a symphony in every car lover’s head.

The birth of AMG engines dates back to 1967 when two Mercedes engineers, Hans Werner Aufrecht, and Erhard Melcher got together to design a car engine that develops hundreds of horsepower.

Since then, AMG cars have become iconic when it comes to choosing a high-speed Mercedes-Benz car. By 1999, Mercedes owned 50% of the shares of AMG and renamed the company “Mercedes-AMG”.

The iconic AMG engine put in the Mercedes-Benz car became iconic for its raw power, torque, and breathtaking sound that it produces. Each AMG engine is a true masterpiece and it feels like all of the best performing Thoroughbred Horses are trapped under the hood.

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Killing Russians ‘Like a Sport,’ Ukrainian Soldier Says

  • A Ukrainian soldier in a liberated town said that killing Russian forces is “like a sport now.”
  • Volodymyr Demchenko described what it was like killing Russian forces during an interview with CNN.
  • It’s a “very weird feeling to be honest, but it’s like a sport now,” Demchenko said. 

A Ukrainian soldier in a small town that was liberated after a weeks-long Russian occupation amid the Kremlin’s war with Ukraine said that killing Russian forces is “like a sport now.”

Soldier Volodymyr Demchenko described killing Russian forces during a recent interview with CNN in Novyi Bykiv, a town located in the Chernihiv region and is about 50 miles east of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

CNN reported that Demchenko was on the drone team that successfully helped to take back Novyi Bykiv from Russian forces.

“You know, it’s funny to see…it’s not funny to see, it’s actually

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Porsche’s GT4 ePerformance concept previews an electric motorsport to come

Porsche, more than any other car company in the world, truly understands what EV performance can be. Not only has the company brought a truly great electric sports sedan to market in the form of the Taycan, but it has jumped head-first into the Formula E open wheel racing arena, and launched more than a few electric sports car prototypes. Most recently, the Mission R electric concept shows exactly what the future of electric-propulsion racing can look like. In the interest of moving things forward and proving to consumers that EVs are and can be cool and fast, Porsche built two electric-powered Cayman GT4 Clubsports powered by electric motors, essentially moving the Mission R powertrain over into an existing and relatable performance car benchmark. Not only did the electric propulsion make the car more future-forward, but it made it faster at the track, to boot. And it built the whole

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