March 2, 2024


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EV battery cost soared in 2022, hampering EV affordability

EV battery cost soared in 2022, hampering EV affordability

EV battery expenditures have soared in 2022 thanks to rising uncooked substance and battery component selling prices, in accordance to a Bloomberg New Vitality Finance (BNEF) report.

The volume-weighted normal for lithium-ion battery pack selling prices attained $151/kwh this 12 months, a 7% increase about 2021, in accordance to the report. It marks the 1st time ordinary pack rates have greater given that BNEF began monitoring prices in 2010—and delays EV price tag parity with interior-combustion autos.

That determine represents an normal throughout multiple battery conclusion uses, which includes distinct forms of electric motor vehicles, buses, and stationary electrical power storage, BNEF observed, including that the specific regular for EV packs was $138/kwh in 2022.

Nio 100-kwh battery pack

Nio 100-kwh battery pack

Regular costs could have been even bigger in 2022 if not for greater adoption of the reduce-charge lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry as an substitute to the nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) employed by lots of companies. On ordinary, LFP battery cells were being 20% less costly than NMC cells, in section due to the fact they don’t demand cobalt, one particular of the uncooked elements that saw major charges improves in 2022, in accordance to BNEF.

Having said that, over-all price increases outpaced the elevated adoption of LFP chemistry, in accordance to BNEF. LFP also wasn’t immune to increasing prices. On a pack foundation, charges rose 27% in 2022, BNEF described.

Battery price increases also arrive inspite of lots of modern battery manufacturing announcements, which will sooner or later increase provide but have not started to affect the marketplace nonetheless. BNEF expects the market to continue to be on its current trajectory in 2023, predicting normal pack selling prices of $152/kwh.

GM Ultium battery - cell stacking

GM Ultium battery – mobile stacking

BNEF expects battery expenditures to get started dropping yet again in 2024, when a lot more lithium mining and refining capability will be on line, minimizing prices. It also predicts that batteries will strike $100/kwh—generally deemed the issue at which EVs can reach rate parity with gasoline cars—in 2026.

That prediction reveals how far current rate spikes have set again EV affordability. Just a yr ago, BNEF predicted that EV battery charges would slide beneath the $100/kwh mark in 2024. Wood Mackenzie, earlier in 2021, agreed—but it claimed $60/kwh is the authentic goal for pushing EVs previous price parity with gasoline motor vehicles. That will assist bypass the strategy that EVs may possibly nevertheless charge far more to develop, battery aside.

Ipsos, in 2020, located that price tag, extra than charging, was the most important barrier to EV adoption. That was typically before the surge of the past two yrs that’s impacted new and applied EV charges, even so.