May 20, 2024


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Featured Classifieds: 2 For 1

Featured Classifieds: 2 For 1

Featured Classifieds: 2 For 1

I haven’t featured a classified ad in a while and figured it was time, but couldn’t settle on just one. So today, I grace your ugly ass with two cars that have potential.

The first is easy… Very few Detroit born cars can match the 1935 Ford roadster for beauty. Flowing lines with an art deco influence on top of one of the best early Ford suspension architectures ever? Sign me up.

And this one already has ya started in a good direction with a rad little hot rod small block done right. Sure, it needs to be torn down and you are starting from scratch, but that body looks pretty damned nice to me. I’d mock it up with minimal body work and some primer and then drive it for a few years before the final build.

Next? How’s about an affordable hot rod? Just yesterday someone was saying the HAMB was out of touch because we are too picky about being period correct and, as a result, have driven cost conscious and would-be hot rodders out of the game. Bullshit.

Proof? Dig on this little ’22 that has been for sale FOREVER. Sure… it’s not a perfect period car, but was your first hot rod this cool? I know mine wasn’t… and at $13k it’s kind of hard to imagine why this little t-bucket has been for sale so long. Some kid needs to buy this thing and get in serious trouble with it… make some noise and a few stories that will be funny later in life.

Hot Rods are dangerous. Hot Rodders don’t care much. 🙂