June 20, 2024


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Gritty celebrates 3rd birthday with motorcycle ride around Philadelphia

Orange you glad you didn’t miss Gritty’s birthday?

The Philadelphia Flyers mascot celebrated his third birthday in style with a motorcycle ride through the city.

Gritty rolled through the streets on a chopper to cheers from adoring fans. He even had his own police escort.

Tweet from @NHLFlyers: Young, Wild and Three. 🏍HBD, @GrittyNHL! 🎁🎈🎂 pic.twitter.com/eFueforARj

The big outdoor gathering featured a giant inflatable likeness of Gritty and a cake that matched the theme. The theme, of course, being Gritty.

Tweet from @GrittyNHL: hbd 2 me! pic.twitter.com/3mJaiH0QOg

Tweet from @GrittyNHL: pic.twitter.com/pc52uuvhQ3

The day before his big day, Gritty had a special message for all the world’s Gritizens.

WHEN: ONE MORE SLEEP, aka my birthday, aka Friday, September 24 
DETAILS: Dear (Hiring manager(s)) –
‘Tis the eve of the third biggest holiday of the year behind only Christmas and National Left Handers’ Day, my birthday. That’s right people, the sun has yet again completed its annual trip around me and with that I grow one year older and like a tall tree, grow one more ring in my innards.
‘Twas just a few short years ago that I was introduced to the world in front of a museum of screaming children (plz note: it was the Please Touch Museum, not the Museum of Screaming Children (although I’d love to visit)) and since then you have watched me accomplish so much. Tomorrow, another opportunity will arise and I’m here to give you the inside scoop. I suggest you fuel up your air choppers as I fuel up my land chopper for a commemorative ride around our lovely city. Just me, the wind, and a couple hundred pounds of pure adrenaline between my legs.
‘Twill truly be a wonderful day. At the conclusion of my joy ride, I have invited a choir of aspiring singers to perform an acapella arrangement of Happy Birthday in my honor. Tomorrow, we celebrate ME. It my day. I don’t ask for you to celebrate me the other 364 days of the year, you do that on your own. But tomorrow I ask for this: remember what you love about me, remember the first time I made you laugh, remember the first time you saw me naked, remember what you felt the first time we locked eyes, and remember every time you saw me in your dreams and woke up in a cold sweat.
We ride at noon,
P.S. No gifts tomorrow. I only ask for your love and adoration.

A noted prolific writer, Gritty then posted a birthday poem entitled, “It My Birthday — A Poetic Adventure.”

Tweet from @GrittyNHL: Thx, I made it myself pic.twitter.com/OjFaqjPrq2

And to think, the big orange furball is only three. Imagine what the party will be like for Gritty’s 21st.