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Jasmine Recalls Painful Injury From Past Motorcycle Accident

Jasmine Pineda shared photos from her scary motorcycle accident she had before meeting American boyfriend Gino Pallazolo from 90 Day Fiancé.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Jasmine Pineda revealed photos of a terrible motorcycle accident that has left her with a painful mouth injury and a broken arm. Panamanian beauty Jasmine has become an expert at both winning hearts and enraging fans since her 90 Day Fiancé debut. She currently is trying to impress Gino by being the “crazy” girlfriend that she is. But Gino seems to be peeling off layers of Jasmine’s personality to only find out that she is materialistic and has severe temper tantrums. However, the Jasmine fans know via Instagram is not the one they see on TV.

While Jasmine comes across as controlling and insecure on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, her social media exposes her fun side. She dances, sings, and exercises on camera for her growing IG follower base. Jasmine shares memes that laugh at her on her stories and laugh along with them. Recently, Jasmine revealed the drawings she’d made of Gino, which also had one where she pictured Gino without his infamous hat. At other times, Jasmine does throwbacks which have shown the first-ever selfie she and Gino took in Panama after their first meeting. And then there are pictures of herself which Jasmine puts up on Instagram to show how she looked before her makeover.


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In her recent set of Instagram stories, Jasmine recalled a scary motorcycle incident that she had been a part of in her past before meeting automotive engineer Gino. Not only did 90 Day Fiancé viewers find out Jasmine is a biker girl, but they also got to know about why exactly she had to give up on bike-riding. The 34-year-old Jasmine posted an old photo of herself on a shiny blue bike. “I used to have a motorcycle but then this happened,” Jasmine wrote in her caption as a teaser. The next photo was a selfie of Jasmine with a missing premolar.

Jasmine Pineda Instagram Motorcycle Accident Instagram In 90 Day Fiance

While Jasmine seemed to smile in the selfie and also added a cute gif of a puppy to accompany it, missing a tooth after an accident is serious business. In a later story, Jasmine shared a video of herself from her orthodontist @dramafezambrano’s page, saying that it was her “beautiful doctor” who made her “a new tooth.” Interestingly, on the video post, a 37-week old comment from April 2021 by Jasmine which reads, “Look baby! She’s my amazing doctor from Colombia” for Gino can be seen. Gino has also replied to Jasmine’s comment with, “Amazing for sure! 🎉💯👍 super cool! 😍”

After Jasmine’s unfortunate mishap, her mom made her sell the motorcycle. Jasmine’s mom was scared of her having another accident. It was not just a tooth that Jasmine had lost, she’d also broken her arm. “But you don’t want to see it,” Jasmine noted. However, Jasmine showed that she has a rebellious streak by purchasing a new motorcycle in 2019. Funnily, her mother seems to be the only person that Jasmine seems to listen to. She made Jasmine sell this new motorcycle too, which is maybe why the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days celeb can be spotted either driving or cycling in her newer Instagram updates.

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Source: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram, @dramafezambrano/Instagram

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