June 20, 2024


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JDI to drive automotive display sales with new technologies

Japan Exhibit (JDI) is collaborating with automotive OEs for additional in-car, driving-the-wheel shows. The company plans to boost income of automotive items to 40% of overall profits this economical 12 months.

JDI’s OLED panels with eLEAP technologies may possibly start out mass output following calendar year. The clear screen demonstrating translated messages for international travellers is also scheduled to be mass produced in Drop 2023, in accordance to Japanese media.


Car or truck Observe and Jiji reported that JDI unveiled last month 34-inch automotive display that could be aesthetically and functionally built-in with modern auto style. The curved exhibit has been adopted by carmakers, stories said.

Scott Callon, chairman and CEO at JDI, mentioned the firm will license its patented, primary systems these types of as eLEAP and HMO to other panel makers. Licensing the technologies is part of the firm’s open technique to stimulate progress.

The corporation expects sturdy advancement for automotive displays will drive the range of shows used in automobiles to improve by 4% and the place of in-vehicle displays to increase by 8%.

Seiichi Fukunaga, head of AutoTech at JDI, claimed by the stop of this financial calendar year, ending in March 2023, the earnings from automotive screen is envisioned to mature to 40% of the company’s consolidated revenue.

The business extra that it has gained a important market share of head-up displays (HUD) and HUD will be outfitted with AR and 3D systems in the upcoming.

JDI’s personal watch know-how also offers improved privacy for motorists and travellers.


The eLEAP technological know-how can be custom-made for shows of any size with two instances bigger brightness and three instances extended life span. The tech also solves display melt away-ins, which is a common issue of OLED panels.

eLEAP stands for natural environment good, lithography with maskless deposition, serious lengthy lifetime, reduced ability, and significant luminance, and any form patterning.

Transparent screen

JDI will commence mass creation of its clear screen, R├Žlclear, in dimensions up to 20.8-inch with two periods increased brightness as soon as Drop 2023. Programs of transparent screen contain transportation, health care, profits, tourism, and a lot more.