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Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider Stands On Top Of Motorcycle In Awesome Edit

New fan art imagines Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it puts the Spirit of Vengeance on top of a motorcycle.

Keanu Reeves becomes the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ghost Rider in an awesome new edit that shows him standing on top of a motorcycle. Now that Marvel Studios is deep in the making and releasing of Phase 4 MCU content, fans have been treated to meeting many new characters. Shang-Chi and the Eternals have headlined new movies, Yelena Belova and Black Knight appeared in supporting film roles, and characters like Agatha Harkness, Sylvie, US Agent, and Kate Bishop have debuted thanks to Disney+. The MCU has plans to introduce dozens of new characters over the next few years, and there is hope that Ghost Rider is one of them.


With comic roots dating back to 1972, Ghost Rider has long been an important part of Marvel’s comic universe. Nicolas Cage previously played Johnny Blaze in two Ghost Rider movies during the late 2000s and early 2010s. After this franchise fizzled to an end, Marvel TV brought a fresh take of Ghost Rider to life in Agents of SHIELD as Gabriel Luna portrayed the Robbie Reyes version of the Spirit of Vengeance. Agents of SHIELD‘s Ghost Rider was a huge hit and led to the development of a spinoff show on Hulu, but it did not move forward following substantial changes to Marvel that gave Kevin Feige more power. Fans have long hoped this meant Feige has plans to introduce Ghost Rider to the MCU in some fashion.

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As part of the speculation that Ghost Rider could appear in a future MCU property, fans have continued to share their thoughts on who should play him. Keanu Reeves has become one of the top choices to play the MCU’s Ghost Rider, and a new piece of fan art from Rahalarts imagines what this could look like. The edit uses an image of Keanu Reeves standing on top of a motorcycle from a 2018 Super Bowl ad but transforms the bike and Reeves’ head by giving them Ghost Rider’s traditional fiery look. Oddly enough, the art also gives Reeves’ Ghost Rider the jacket traditionally worn by Robbie Reyes.

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This is the latest piece of fan art that imagines Keanu Reeves as the MCU’s Ghost Rider to surface in recent days. The uptick in art showcasing him as Ghost Rider is the result of recent comments made by the John Wick and Matrix star. He said it would be an honor to get a role in the MCU, which sparked more debate about which characters he could play. Ghost Rider has become almost the de facto answer for the majority of fans, although many others would still like to see him get a role where he can be more of an action star. Regardless, Reeves’ interest in motorcycles and desire to join the MCU could make him a good fit to play Johnn Blaze, or even the Danny Ketch version if Marvel wanted to change it up.

Despite the interest in seeing Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider, it is unclear if Marvel will cast him in the role or if the character is even part of their plans. Fans have been quick to note how well he would fit with the supernatural wave of characters Phase 4 is introducing with Blade (Mahershala Ali), Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), and Werewolf by Night (Gael García Bernal). There have been rumors Ghost Rider could headline his own MCU project or appear in various Phase 4 projects. If that is part of Marvel’s plans, they’ll need to cast Keanu Reeves soon to make this piece of fan-casting possible.

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Source: Rahalarts

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