May 18, 2024


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Levis X Royal Enfield 511 Pro riding denims

a person standing posing for the camera: Gear Review: Levis X Royal Enfield 511 Pro Riding denims

Gear Review: Levis X Royal Enfield 511 Pro Riding denims

Another exciting product on the Royal Enfield catalogue are the new range of riding denims that are made in collaboration with Levis. I’ve been using the 511 Pro for a while now for all of my in-city riding and as someone who has long been looking for a definitive riding denim, I have to say the Levis X Royal Enfields leave a strong impression. The fabric is a mix of a high strength Lycra called ToughMax and an abrasion resistant Cordura that seems more than sufficient for low-speed city falls.

What really stands out though is the comprehensive armour pockets that have space for knee and hip protection, and fits most standard CE certified armour ie Knox and D30. They aren’t rain proof and they don’t have much in the form of vents, but it is not a big drawback since they are plenty breathable and quite comfortable even on warmer days, and rain riding gear is separate anyway.

Both the 511 and 512, also get a gusset on the inseam around the crotch for better flexibility while riding. There are also well integrated reflector strips on the sides, that add a level of safety to riding and night without being a glaring add on when you are off the motorcycle. At Rs 6,999 (Plus about Rs 3,000 for level 2 armour) the RE X Levis are a significantly more accessible option to the other riding denims on the market, without having to sacrifice a lot in terms of functionality or protection.

PRICE: 6,999 onwards