June 19, 2024


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LPD provide updates on motorcycle fatalities, three identified

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Three fatal motorcycle accidents took place in Lansing over the past week, all three of the dead motorcyclists have been identified.

On Aug. 19 around 7:53 p.m., at Martin L. King Blvd at Dorchester, Lansing Police dispatched to a crash involving a motorcycle and vehicle. The Lansing Fire Department (LFD) Medics arrived prior to the police.

The critically injured motorcyclist, a 27-year-old man, was then taken to a local hospital. The motorcycle rider was later pronounced dead. In the SUV, one occupant suffered a minor injury that required medical treatment.

Following an initial investigation, it was found that the SUV was turning from Dorchester Circle onto Martin. L. King to head North and the motorcycle was driving South on Martin L. King Blvd., approaching Dorchester Circle.

The motorcycle and SUV then collided.

The motorcyclist was identified as Jaycen Allen Glynn of Leslie, MI.

Later on Aug. 19, around 9:37 p.m., Lansing Police dispatched to a serious accident involving a motorcycle and vehicle. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the motorcyclist, a 29-year-old man, who had critical injuries. They then began medical treatment until the Lansing Fire medics took over.

The motorcyclist was later pronounced dead. Officers then located the driver of the vehicle involved.

During preliminary investigation, the vehicle was on Elm St. turning to head South on S. Washington Ave while the motorcycle was traveling North on S. Washington Ave approaching Elm St where the accident took place.

The motorcyclist was identified as Blayke Manauel Luna-Schwarz of Lansing, MI.

On Aug. 20, around 11:50 p.m. Lansing Police dispatched to a serious accident involving a motorcycle and vehicle.

The motorcycle driver suffered a fatal injury and is pronounced dead at the scene by Lansing Fire Department (LFD) Medics. The vehicle involved was a Hyundai and one occupant suffered a minor injury, requiring medical treatment.

Investigators found that the motorcycle was traveling southbound on Cedar, when the Hyundai pulls out of the Hookah Lounge to head northbound Cedar.

The motorcycle then struck the Hyundai.

The motorcycle rider was identified as 24-year-old Garrett Miller of Owosso, MI. 

The investigation for all three crashes are still ongoing, but anyone with information is asked to call Police 517-483-4600

Many motorcyclists in Michigan are not properly licensed, according to MDOT. It is additionally recommended that all new or returning motorcyclists go through the course, as training and courses are a process.

MDOT additionally encourages those riding motorcycles to use protective gear, to protect them from weather, roadway debris, and the parts of the motorcycle. Protective gear involves eye and face protection, body protection, visible clothing, and last but not least, a helmet.

MDOT encourages three basic but important skills that can help make a ride a safer experience:

  • Negotiating curves: Riders should slow down before a curve, look where they want to go, press the handlebar in the same direction as the curve, and roll on the throttle during a turn.
  • Turning: Connect the dots by looking to the end of the turn and the motorcycle will follow.
  • Braking: Seventy percent of a motorcycle’s stopping power is in the front brake. Squeezing the front brake and pressing down on the rear brake will allow a rider to make smooth, controlled stops.

As of today, 19 people have died in the last week in traffic crashes- bringing the total to 692 fatalities for the year. According to numbers provided by Michigan State Police (MSP), there are 59 more deaths this year than this time a year ago,