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Started off by Joseph Moon.

At the age of 21, Joseph W. Moon headed to St. Louis, Missouri with his horse and began performing in the buggy sector. When attending a buggy conference in 1902 in Detroit, Joseph Moon’s fascination in vehicles commenced.

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Moon Motor Cars Enterprise defend.

In 1905 the 1st Moon vehicle was an useful 5-passenger touring product with a 35hp four cylinder Rutenber engine. This debut product came outfitted with shaft travel and a sliding gear a few-velocity transmission

Moons ended up not the most highly-priced autos close to, but at $3,000, the first illustrations had been huge pitfalls. It took 5 a long time for the rate of Moons to fall to a a lot more fair $1,500 to $2,000 and the slogan “Priced Within the Bounds of Explanation” was released. 1913 noticed the launch of the very first Moon six cylinder. Typically, these were of L formed heads.

Joseph Moon died in 1919 and his son-in-law, Stewart MacDonald, took control of the firm and sent manufacturing and sales figures soaring. In 1919 creation figures were 1,633 cars and trucks and in 1924 the manufacturing unit was at it is peak with 7,567 vehicles manufactured. Simply five a long time on and the Moon automobile identify was out of business enterprise.

(resource: KTS Motor Athletics Garage)

The 1914 Moon Gentle 6-50 Streamline was priced at $2,150 and the Six or 7 Passenger design at $2,225. Absolutely Equipped, which include DELCO Electric Cranking, Lights and Ignition.

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Moon Motor Automobile Organization button.

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1905-1930 Moon radiator emblem. (resource: Apijunior)

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Moon Motor Car or truck emblem. (resource: Prorallypix)

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1924 Moon wheel-hub emblem.

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