June 20, 2024


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Motorcycle gang members go to punish imposter, spur shootout

A shot of a Pagan’s Motorcycle Club gang member.

A shot of a Pagan’s Motorcycle Club gang member.

U.S. Justice Department

Angry that a non-member bore the tattoos and wore the patches of their two motorcycle clubs, six bikers armed themselves and headed to the perceived imposter’s Indiana home to punish him.

But when they broke into the Dupont residence around 4 a.m., June 22, intent on beating and robbing the man, gunfire erupted, according to state police. Someone opened fire on the bikers, and the bikers shot back.

One of the group, 35-year-old Dustin Lindner, of Georgetown, Kentucky was hit during the shootout, investigators said. Jefferson County deputies found him lying in the yard and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Indiana State Police soon took on the investigation.

Four people have been arrested and charged with murder following the fatal shooting, police said Wednesday: Jason Brewer, 34, Gary Fletcher, 40, David Faulkner, 52, Michael Karnuth, 32.

Jordan Lowe, 26, was also arrested and is facing charges of assisting a criminal, obstruction of justice, and criminal gang enhancement, according to police.

Police did not say if the “imposter” inside the home faces any charges.

Investigators believe the group of six all belong to “The Warlocks” and “The Pagans” motorcycle clubs, and were “allegedly upset that the victim had patches and tattoos of those clubs but was not a member.”

Both clubs are viewed as outlaw biker gangs by law enforcement, and have long histories of violent crime and drug trafficking.

In late June, 11 members of The Pagans were arrested in New Jersey, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced Monday.

“The use of violence, weapons, and intimidation was standard for this criminal organization, and law enforcement made it clear that their behavior would not be tolerated,” a DEA official said.

Mitchell Willetts is a real-time news reporter covering the Carolinas for McClatchy. He is a University of Oklahoma graduate and outdoors enthusiast.