June 4, 2023


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NYPD to crack down on motorcycles, mopeds in pedestrian paths on 59th St. Bridge

The NYPD says it is taking action on motorcycles and mopeds invading pedestrian and bicycle paths on the 59th Street Bridge

However, a visit to the bridge on Friday afternoon saw a huge number of the vehicles using the pedestrian walkway, similar to when FOX 5 NY visited earlier this week

Mopeds and motorcycles are prohibited on the bridge’s pedestrian and bicycle paths. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio had vowed to take action on the issue, saying on Wednesday that he would speak to the city’s transportation commissioner about the problem.

By Thursday afternoon, a tweet from the NYPD indicated that a conversation happened. However, when FOX 5 NY visited on Friday, no signs of enforcement could be seen.

“It should have been now,” one cyclist said to FOX 5 NY about how urgently enforcement is needed “It should have been yesterday. It’s ridiculous.”

2021 has been a dangerous year for pedestrians in New York City so far. During the first four months of the year, pedestrian crashes saw a 65% increase over 2020.