Here are a few of our automotive guilty pleasures

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. The world is full of cars, and just about as many of them are bad as are good. It’s pretty easy to pick which fall into each category after giving them a thorough walkaround and, more important, driving them. But every once in a while, an automobile straddles the line somehow between good and bad — it may be hideously overpriced and therefore a marketplace failure, it may be stupid quick in a straight line but handles like a drunken noodle, or it may have an interior that looks like it was made of a mess of injection-molded Legos. Heck, maybe all three.

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Teen Involved in Near-Fatal Motorcycle Crash Walks Across Stage at Graduation 3 Years Later

A teen whose life nearly ended in a serious motorcycle crash finally got to mark the end of her high school experience by walking across the stage at graduation.

Allie Gilkerson was just hours away from beginning her senior year at Wayne High School in West Virginia when she was involved in a serious motorcycle crash in August 2017, according to NBC affiliate WSAZ.

The incident, which occurred in West Virginia on Route 152, left Allie with such severe injuries that doctors believed the teen was brain dead, according to the outlet.

But Allie refused to give up — and thanks to the support of her friends and family, including her sister Brittani Gilkerson, she was able to make a slow but steady recovery.

“I would tell her to fight and keep fighting because she has a lot of people waiting on her,” Brittani told WSAZ shortly after the crash

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Which Classic Harley Would You Buy?

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It’s time to make a decision.

Welcome back to Motorious’ Motorcycle Monday, where we feature interesting two-wheeled rides for your consideration. This time we’re doing something different by presenting not one, not two, but three classic Harley-Davidsons and asking which of them you would buy. That might sound simple enough, but once you see these motorcycles, you’ll understand that it’s not such a straightforward decision.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at the bikes.

Photo credit:Bullet Motorsports

First up is a 1950 Harley-Davidson WR Dayton Racer. Wearing a nice patina, with the exception of some relatively-looking fresh brightwork on the fuel tank and a few other spots, this Harley definitely has that vintage look. Bikes like this one were used to win races in places like Daytona Beach back in the day, capturing the hearts and imaginations of

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Motorcycle Rally In Sturgis Draws Thousands Of Largely Unmasked Attendees

Some shirts at the event, which didn’t require masks, read ‘Screw Covid I went to Sturgis’

As COVID-19 cases surpass five million in the U.S. — and deaths exceed 162K, according to Johns Hopkins University & Medicine — tens of thousands of motorcyclists rode into South Dakota for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally — most of which were unmasked and not following social distancing guidelines.

“No, we didn’t take any precautions,” Rally attendee Jim Busch told the New York Times, adding that he thinks the coronavirus pandemic, which he refers to as a “situation,” is “manufactured. “There’s ulterior motives behind this, so we’re not concerned.”

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