April 13, 2024


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Pineville cancer patient gets a special motorcycle ride

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) – Danny Duncan is a 64-year-old from Pineville, and is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast.

In May, Duncan bought himself a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle, but he was only able to ride it once that week before receiving news no one wants to hear.

“They took me and did a test on me and found out that I had stage four pancreatic cancer and it spread to my liver and my stomach,” said Duncan.

Duncan was not given long to live.

“According to the doctor…I asked him how long I had, and he said three months, and it’s been six months now and I’m still fighting,” said Duncan.

For about a month, he’s been in hospice care with Compassionate Care Hospice, and since his diagnosis, Duncan has not been able to ride. So, members of his care team, along with the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, decided to honor him by taking him out for a special motorcycle ride. Over a dozen people showed up, all for Duncan.

“Who wouldn’t want to take a ride towards the end? Anybody who has been on a bike would understand,” said Kasandra Deutsch, a member of CVMA. “I was absolutely honored. We threw some music on. I asked if he liked that, and he said absolutely. So, we cranked it up and had the music roaring.”

Duncan said he’s thankful he could get back on the bike again and for the support he was shown.

“I wish I could have kept on going. They would have run out of gas or I would have run out of gas. I didn’t know I had this many people that cared about me, that would do this for me. I love every one of you,” said Duncan.

Renee Duncan, Danny’s wife, was also thankful for the support.

“I’m just overwhelmed with happiness and excitement for him,” said Renee.

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