May 24, 2024


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Protect Your Motorcycle with a Motorcycle Alarm

Motorcycles have displayed immense popularity over the years due to their many advantages. People gear towards buying and having motorcycles since they can weave their way through bustling traffic. People on a budget also consider purchasing these bikes due to their excellent fuel economy. 

Despite their many advantages, motorcycles have cons. They are very vulnerable to theft due to their small size and can never control the urges of thieves. However, a motorcycle alarm may help resolve the issue. 

Here are some security features that most motorcycle GPS trackers have, like Monito, that could help protect your motorcycle: 

1. Real-time GPS Tracking 

The most significant GPS tracking is its ability to locate your motorcycle’s whereabouts. In instances when you find your bike stolen, you could still see your bike’s location in your mobile phone and retrieve it. Authorities may also use this data to help recover your robbed motorbike in one piece. 

Like most GPS trackers, motorcycle GPS trackers communicate with a network of satellites to identify their whereabouts. The Motorcycle GPS Tracker acquires the precise position from the GPS satellites circling the Earth and then transmits the signal to your computer or phone via your SIM card. 

Depending on the motorcycle GPS tracker you have, your phone may be able to receive the message almost immediately. Some are active trackers, which means they can supply users with real-time worldwide positioning data. Meanwhile, passive trackers are often less expensive than active trackers since they store GPS data to be accessed later.

2. Alarm Systems for Anti-theft Protection 

Before the thief gets away with your bike, you may be able to stop a potential motorcycle theft with a GPS tracker’s alarm system. Once you are at a significant distance away from your bike, the GPS tracker enables motion sensors and alarm systems for anti-theft protection. 

In circumstances that the motorcycle senses a violent movement, such as malicious hits and shakes that may signal a persistent burglar, the system may automatically dial the owner’s mobile phone to report the theft situation. The owner can then figure out how to stop the robbery. 

However, when the robber has successfully taken away the bike and has started the engine, some GPS trackers offer a disabling system. The motorbike owner can use a mobile phone to remotely turn off the vehicle’s power and block the robber’s attempt to take the bike. 

3. Details Inventory 

You should not just look out for suspected burglars, as you can be a potential threat to your bike as well. A GPS tracker can also keep you as a motorbike rider in check. 

Motorcycle GPS trackers give trip data and statistics, such as when a journey began, the average speed, and past routes.  It even monitors potentially dangerous behaviors such as forceful braking or quick acceleration. 

This critical information might provide insight into your own or family members’ driving habits. You can look back to these data to remind yourself to protect yourself and your motorbike by driving more safely. 

GPS trackers do not just give the location of your motorbike. Their installed features mentioned above can provide the security and protection that your beloved motorcycle deserves.