May 24, 2024


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Randall County announces joint task force

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Officials with the Randall County Sheriff’s Office announced its involvement in a joint task force made up of federal, state and local agencies Thursday to monitor a Bandido Motorcycle Club event occurring Thursday and Friday in the county. 

According to a news release, the Bandido organization has been classified as an “Outlaw Motorcycle Organization” by the United States Department of Justice as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety. 

The task force’s purpose is to ensure the continued safety of both county residents and visitors, as well as ensuring the public understands that local law enforcement is unwilling to tolerate criminal activity. 

“While we hope the presence of a large number of Bandido members in the area will remain peaceful, national and global intelligence about this gang and its affiliates effectuates the need for caution and demands a substantial law enforcement presence,” Randall County Sheriff Christopher Forbis said in the release. 

As the lead agency of the task force, the Randall County Sheriff’s Office will release information about this operation on an as-needed basis. For more information about the county, visit