June 20, 2024


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Safaree Samuels Willing To Take Legal Action Against Erica Mena For Destroying Prized Posessions




Safaree Samuels has accused his estranged wife Erica Mena of destroying some of his prized posessions and he wants her penalized for it.

According to TMZ, Samuels accused Mena of pouring bleach over his custom sneakers, worth $30,000, and cutting the laces. He also claimed that she poured paint into the exhaust pipes of two of his motorcycles and his four-wheeler motorbike as well as all over the bikes. This all reportedly took place two days after Mena filed for divorce from Samuels back in May.

Samuels is not against taking legal action either. He wants a judge to hold Mena, who recently gave birth to their second child, in contempt for violating their domestic relations standing order. This order was put in place to keep them from harassing each other or destroying each other’s property during their divorce proceedings. He is even willing to take it a step further by pushing for felony charges against Mena for criminal destruction.

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Samuels added that Mena was caught in the act by their home surveillance cameras and is willing to turn over the footage to the authorities. Samuels wants a judge to force Mena to reimburse him around $50,000 for the damage.

Mena and Samuels have been bad mouthing each other for months before Mena filed for divorce in May. After they both tweeted that they regretted marrying each other, it was a shock when Mena announced she was pregnant with their second child. During her pregnancy, she hinted that Samuels wasn’t present. When she responded to a follower on social media that said they hope Mena has more children she replied, “Absolutely never getting pregnant again. Lol It’s not easy doing it alone girl.”

Samuels also fought to be in the delivery room while Mena gave birth by requesting a judge to mandate that she couldn’t prevent him from being there. After giving birth to their son, Legend, Mena shared that she was in the neonatal intensive care unit alone as well. When she shared a post regarding how difficult it has been since giving birth, Samuels shared posts of himself in Jamaica, celebrating his birthday.