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Stein’s ’32 Vicky

Stein’s ’32 Vicky

Here’s one you do not see or hear about quite often… In 1957, Bernie Stein preferred a ’32 Victoria. But even back again then, the prolonged fall tops have been couple and far involving. So Bernie improvised by acquiring a Vicky and chopping the damned top rated off. The 1959 Hot Rod Yearly suggests it much better than I at any time could:

Ford Phaeton bodies are challenging to obtain, but that didn’t prevent Bernie J. Stein from Hayward, California, from owning one – he basically chopped the full best off a ’32 Ford Victoria. King Addresses of Hayward then presented a tonneau cover and reworked the entrance interior in sandal wooden and white naugahyde. Black carpeting and a chromed steering column and sprint trim finished off the cockpit.

The overall body was finished off with a hand-labored fiberglass cowl to accommodate a reduced V windshield. A ’53 Chrysler V8 was employed as the electric power plant. The motor was still left entirely stock with the exception of a Howard cam. Ability is transmitted by means of an 11-inch Ford truck clutch and a ’41 Ford transmission with a column shift.

The auto has been dropped 3-inches at each front and rear. The body complete is ’57 Chrysler Cloud White lacquer and gown-up merchandise contain Lance disks, front and rear nerf bars, and upholstered managing boards.

Dope, suitable? I could do with out the nerf bars for certain, but the rest of this car is damned great to my eyes. I definitely enjoy how the tuck-n-roll insert on the seat matches the line of what is remaining of the chopped rear quarters. And that windshield? Hell sure. I even dig on the strange glass cowl.