Arc Vector $122,000 electric motorcycle prepares for deliveries

In 2018, former Jaguar Land Rover engineer Mark Truman showed his Arc Vector electric motorcycle. The Vector’s copious carbon fiber, wishbone hub steering, and Tron design said it wasn’t here to electrify motorcycles, it was here to explore what an electric performance motorcycle could be. Regrettably for Truman, one of the answers to that question was, “Really hard to bring to market.” After that 2018 reveal, investor issues led to bankruptcy in late 2019 instead of deliveries in 2020. Truman ended up buying the company assets back himself in 2021, and recently told Motorcycle News that the project is back on track. Development riders are said to be shepherding a production-ready fleet around Spain for homologation, reservation holders are at Arc’s central England HQ speccing their two-wheelers, the first bikes expected to meet their owners before the end of 2022.

As for what they’re getting, the Vector

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$120,000 ultra-premium Arc Vector electric motorcycle to begin deliveries

The Arc Vector luxury electric motorcycle’s development has been tumultuous, but good news appears to be on the horizon.

The British-made electric motorcycle is now preparing for deliveries after returning from near death.

In case you blinked at some point in the last three years, here’s a quick refresher on Arc’s whiplash trajectory.

The bike was unveiled as an ultra-premium electric motorcycle in late 2018, sporting a price tag of £90,000 (approximately US $120,000).

By the summer of 2019, all signs pointed to the bike heading for production in 2020.

But just four short months later in October of 2019, disaster struck as Arc was forced to file for bankruptcy after running out of funding. The misstep was blamed partly on flaky investors.

That wasn’t the end of things though. Nearly one year to the day later in October of 2020, Arc was back and announcing a return to

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