Vintage motorcycle auction returns to Las Vegas, bringing avid collectors

Motorcycles filled the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center on Wednesday — day two of the annual Mecum Las Vegas Vintage and Antique Motorcycle Auction — and the only thing that could move faster than the bikes was the auctioneer’s mouth.

Collector-car auction company Mecum Auctions brought in about 1,500 hogs for its five-day event that ends Saturday. The company sells between 80 and 90 percent of its stock, in previous auctions.

Auction-goers say the motorcycle collection captures a love of history and horsepower.

“My grandmother drove a car, for God’s sake,” Greg Arnold, Mecum Auctions’ motorcycle division director, said with a laugh. “I get in trouble with car guys all the time.”

At the center of this year’s auction is the Harley Davidson Heritage collection featuring 95 vintage bikes that are “magnificently restored” with at least one from each year between 1910 and 1969, Arnold said. Each bike will

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Harley-Davidson’s Only Scooter Is Headed To Auction

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Photo: Mecum

In the late 1950s, a new competitor by the name of Honda began nipping at Harley-Davidson’s heels. When your bold and brash motorcycles begin losing ground to compact imported bikes and scooters, how do you strike back?

For Harley-Davidson, the answer was this: The Harley-Davidson Topper. Produced for only five years, and with production estimates hovering in the four-digit range, it holds the honor of being Harley’s only foray into the world of scooters, so far anyway. With one coming up at Mecum’s Las Vegas Motorcycles 2022 auction, it can also hold a place in your garage.

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Photo: Mecum

Harley-Davidson is best known for their roaring V-Twin engines, making the Topper a true odd duck in their lineup. It features a single-cylinder, flat-mounted two-stroke putting out between five and nine horsepower. While it’s unclear which of the three models of Topper is being offered

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Huge Harley-Davidson Collection Heading To Auction

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You have to see this to believe it…

It’s always amazing to go to a museum and see consecutive years of old motorcycles or really any vehicle. You can study the small differences in production methods as the manufacturer figured evolved its craftsmanship, which is just fascinating. Well, now you have a chance to buy part of a massive Harley-Davidson motorcycle collection which includes one from every model year starting with 1910 to 1969. Each bike has been exceptionally restored so the new owners can display them with pride. This collection is amazing enough to make attending the auction just to gawk at all these vintage motorcycles worth the trip, let alone the possibility of owning one or more.

Check out a stash of thousands of barn find motorcycles here.

Apparently, the person who owns all these Harleys made sure they were all restored to

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Las Vegas to host Mecum vintage motorcycle auction

Mecum Auctions’ annual vintage and antique motorcycle auction will take place Wednesday though May 1 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, featuring an estimated 1,750 motorcycles. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the event is recognized as the largest global gathering of consignors, buyers and spectators who share a passion for the history, beauty and camaraderie invoked and inspired by vintage and antique motorcycles.

Among the 13 collections currently consigned to the auction are a total of 386 consignments, of which 325 are offered at no reserve. Private collection highlights include 96 offerings from The Dick Ray Estate Collection—which includes BSAs, Nortons, Triumphs and many others at no reserve—and another 90 no-reserve offerings from The Stephenson Collection, including a historic 1929 Douglas SW5 Speed model.

The J.C. Burgin Collection is another main attraction assemblage slated to sell in Las Vegas, and this group of approximately 50 motorcycles stands as one of the

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