Three died after Charleston motorcycles and car crash: Cops

A South Carolina woman has died a month after she was involved in a collision that also killed two motorcycle riders and injured another, the Charleston Police Department said.

Crystal Henderson died Saturday from injuries sustained in the crash, police said in a news release. The 43-year-old Charleston resident was driving a car that hit two motorcycles on Dec. 26, 2021, according to the release.

At about 6:20 p.m., officers responded to the three-vehicle collision that involved the motorcycles and a Nissan Sentra, according to police.

The wreck happened on Magwood Drive, between Charlie Hall Boulevard and Ashley Crossing Drive, police said. That’s near the junction of Ashley River Road and Interstate 526.

Henderson was driving the Nissan south on Magwood Drive while the motorcycles were heading in the opposite direction, according to police. The Sentra veered across the center line, colliding head-on with the lead motorcycle and killing

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KTM X-Bow GT2 track car getting a road version

With the help of Dallara and the Kiska design firm, Austrian motorcycle maker KTM launched into a fun side gig making the track-day X-Bow (pronounced “crossbow”) in 2008. Promising not to make more than 100 per year to maintain focus and exclusivity, the past 14 years have seen 1,300 models sold as the lineup expanded to six models. The raciest of the range is the GT2, launched in 2020 as the “ultimate track weapon” to compete in GT2-class sports car racing. Autocar reports there’s seventh sibling on the way, with KTM currently in development of a road-legal version of the GT2. 

KTM has said the road car will keep the 176-pound carbon monocoque chassis and canopy cockpit enclosure, with a focus on safety and crashworthiness. The six-speed sequential transmission has already been jettisoned in the switch from hitting apexes to scraping curbs, replaced by a seven-speed direct shift gearbox. After

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These Celebrity Car Collections Are Most-Searched Online

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And also the most-searched car within their collections.

Many celebrities are known car enthusiasts and with pockets as deep as theirs, they undoubtedly have accumulated a massive collection. Sometimes when we hear about a certain celebrity, we often wonder what they drive around the hills of Hollywood. Luckily for us, the internet is vast, and google usually provides the answers along with photos.

<img bad-src="celebrity-top-three.jpg" alt="The top three celebrities have the most-searched car collections">

The internet also tells us what celebrities are the most searched on, well, the internet. According to info provided from, they first gathered a list that included “over 2,000 of the most well-known celebrities in the U.K.” They then narrowed the list down by finding out “the combined average monthly searches for the following three terms for each celebrity: [Name] car; [Name] cars; and [Name] car collection.”

Not surprisingly, Jay Leno takes first place in the most

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30 Best Car, Truck and Motorcycle Books for Kids

Cars, trucks and motorcycles captivate the attention of audiences young and old. Budding fans of the auto industry can enjoy the vehicles in a new, imaginative space thanks to the treasure trove of available books that feature a model.

Newsweek has put together a list of books for children of varying ages covering topics from how cars work to the wacky adventures cartoon cars can get into.

Best Car, Truck and Motorcycle Books for Children

Each book on the list teaches something whether it be about cars themselves, or general lessons that can be applied to life told through vehicles. When building this list we kept the adventurer that lives inside every budding enthusiast in mind.

In addition to car, truck and motorcycle books, tales of tractors, snow plows and construction equipment are also featured on this list.

There are books for all ages of children in this roundup. Some

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