British Authority Suggests Richard Hammond Has Too Many Cars

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Welcome to the nanny state.

Back in August we covered how former Top Gear Host and current The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond was concerned about car thieves. Some tractor parts he had stored outside on his historic castle-like property in Gloucestershire were stolen. With car thefts spiking and only increasing during 2020, the man is wise to want to take action. His plan was to build an ultra-secure barn to store his car collection, some of which currently sits outside. That’s been met with some downright hostility with at least one government official telling him that selling some of his vehicles might be the solution.

Richard Hammond recently sold his motorcycle, find out why here.

The property where Hammond lives includes several outbuildings and thanks to the heavy government regulations in England, which sadly aren’t too dissimilar to what we see

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Global sales of electric cars accelerate fast in 2020 despite pandemic | Environment

Global sales of electric cars accelerated fast in 2020, rising by 43% to more than 3m, despite overall car sales slumping by a fifth during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tesla was the brand selling the most electric cars, delivering almost 500,000, followed by Volkswagen. Sales of electric cars more than doubled in Europe, pushing the region past China as the world’s biggest market for them, according to data published on Tuesday by, a Sweden-based consultancy.

Sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) made up 4.2% of the global car market, up from 2.5% in 2019. The rising sales are being driven by government policies to reduce carbon emissions, but a key factor is that electric cars are simply a better technology, said Viktor Irle, sales and marketing analyst at

Sales of electric cars did fall below 2019’s levels from March to June, at

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US car sales recover: Americans are buying cars again

“When you look back to where we were in March and how dismal things looked, it’s incredible how strong the year ended,” said Michelle Krebs, senior analyst at AutoTrader.

GM made the announcement Tuesday alongside a release of its own fourth-quarter sales figures.

It doesn’t mean that auto sales are all the way back: Fleet sales, which typically make up about 20% of overall US sales, are still way off, GM said. That’s especially true for sales to rental car companies, which account for roughly half of fleet sales.
At GM (GM) specifically, fourth-quarter sales were up nearly 5% from a year ago — but it’s not a fair comparison, as GM’s fourth quarter 2019 sales were impacted by a prolonged strike at the automaker. GM’s full-year sales were down about 12% from 2019.
But Toyota (TM) also reported US quarterly sales rose 9% compared
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Ferrari isn’t racing toward electric cars, but they’ll be loud when it gets there

When Harley-Davidson got into the electric motorcycle business, there was one thing it knew it needed: noise.

While many battery-powered vehicles take advantage of electrification to operate as silently as possible, H-D made sure that its Livewire bike was engineered to produce a signature sound that it described as the electric guitar complement to its acoustic gas-powered bikes. Now supercar maker Ferrari is singing the same tune.

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During the company’s third-quarter earnings call, during which it reported better than expected profits that pushed the stock to an all-time high, CEO Louis Camilleri said of

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