Honda Wants To Eliminate Motorcycle Deaths By 2050

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Honda is the biggest motorcycle maker and seller in the world, and the Japanese company says that it’s responsible for the safety of all of its riders. So, Honda wants to eliminate all rider and driver fatalities involving its bikes and cars by 2050. Honda claims new tech will get us there. I appreciate the effort, but I’m a little skeptical.

The carmaker wants to use new advanced driver assistance systems, like those used in its level 3 AV Legend, to help cars and motorcycles avoid collisions, according to Honda:

In terms of expanding the range of our safety technologies, since many motorcycle collision fatalities involve automobiles, we will strive to apply our omnidirectional advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) to all new automobile models we introduce in developed countries by 2030.

By leveraging the knowledge and know-how we have amassed through research and development of our

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Motorcycle Monday: Honda PC800 Pacific Coast

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This is probably the weirdest motorcycle Honda has ever made, but is it collectible?

Quirky, weird, and car-like, the Honda PC800 Pacific Coast emerged for 1989 to woo people out of their Accords and onto two wheels. Amazingly, the bizarre touring motorcycle was manufactured through the 1998 model year, but many people today seem to have forgotten about it. If we didn’t know better, it would almost be like people have collectively tried to forget about the Pacific Coast. However, we figured now is a good time to revisit this now-vintage motorcycle and examine if anything about it could be considered desirable for collectors.

The origins of the PC800 go back to 1985 when Honda R&D Americas, Inc. was established in the name of efficiency. That characteristic is, after all, one of the main attractive elements of Hondas, so it

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Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha to make swappable motorcycle batteries

Just as electric cars are becoming ever more common, the alternative propulsion system is starting to make headway in the motorcycle sphere. Companies such as Harley-Davidson and Zero already have electric models on sale, but other established brands are preparing for the electric future. Among them are the four big Japanese bike builders (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha) who have a plan to improve electric bike adoption, and make their bikes very appealing.

The four companies created an organization back in April 2019 for this sort of purpose called the Swappable Battery Consortium for Electric Motorcycles. And the group has now announced that the manufacturers have agreed on the specifications for motorcycle batteries that can be interchanged among each company’s motorcycles. So if you have a Suzuki, you can use a Honda battery, or vice versa.

This idea presents quite a few interesting possibilities. The manufacturers could sell

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Used Honda Accord For Sale Close to Me

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