Kawasaki announces its motorcycles to go all-electric by 2035

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has announced that by the year 2035, it will only sell electric motorcycles in developed countries.

The timeline is one of the farthest set for a shift to electric vehicles, and the commitment leaves room for the continued sale of gas-powered motorcycles in developing countries.

But it represents a major promise from the company, which has yet to put a single production electric motorcycle on the road.

We only learned of Kawasaki’s electric motorcycle aspirations two years ago when the company unveiled an electric motorcycle concept at the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show.

It confirmed what we had learned from patent applications filed by Kawasaki, in which the motorcycle manufacturer appeared to be playing around with an electric Ninja 400 featuring swappable batteries.

At the time of the EICMA unveiling, we could tell the electric bike prototype was based on a Kawasaki Ninja, but had very

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Kawasaki files patent for electric supercharger on a hybrid motorcycle

Kawasaki’s been working on an electric motorcycle for at least a decade. The Japanese bike maker showed a two-wheeled electric concept at the EICMA show in Milan in 2019, but its specs seemed more suited to a scooter or moped. The e-motor in that show bike spun a continuous 13.5 horsepower and peaked at 27 hp. A flurry of patent applications over the two years have put words to Kawasaki intentions for a hybrid motorcycle as well, and it seems that hybrid might get forced induction. Motorcycle.com just discovered a patent for an electric supercharger that would run off the electric portion of the powertrain.

There have been a few powertrains drawn up in patents, so it’s hard to tell what Kawasaki has in mind for a final result or results. The electric concept from 2019, known as Endeavor, was set into a Ninja 300/400-based tube frame, its electric

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Motorcycle Monday: Kawasaki Goes Retro Again

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Add another affordable retro-styled motorcycle to the market…

There’s no denying that retro styling is red hot in the motorcycle market these days, as clearly demonstrated by a growing number of new models. While some are content to buy and ride a vintage bike, others want all the modern features you get on today’s models but with the cool retro styling vibes of yesterday. Kawasaki has already played up to that desire successfully with the Z900RS, which was launched 4 years ago, and thanks to the success of that move the brand is looking to strike gold again.

See BMW Motorrad’s latest take on retro styling here.

For a few weeks now, Kawasaki has been teasing everyone with a marketing campaign talking about how a “Retrovolution is coming.” While we could go into how some wordplay just doesn’t work, the real point

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1969 Kawasaki H-1 Set 1969 On Fire

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Kawasaki billed this as he fastest and best accelerating road machine ever produced, being capable of 124 mph and 12.4 sec in 1969.

Kawasaki introduced the H-1 in 1969 and it shook up the motorcycle scene. During the time, riders had been asking for more power and higher speeds from their bikes. Kawasaki answered that call with the H-1 as the fastest production motorcycle that year. Examples like this 1969 Kawasaki H-1 are great pieces of motorcycle history to add to your collection.

The 1969 Kawasaki H-1 came with a two stroke, three cylinder engine and electronic ignition. Zippy acceleration caused the model to earn itself the nickname of the “Widow Maker” and “The Triple with a Ripple” due to the way it handled.

Kawasaki had already been experimenting with twins when they decide to go to triple and did things a little

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