Motorcycle Monday: Bill’s Old Bike Barn

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Check out this motorcycle museum if you’re passing through Pennsylvania…

If you’re like me, you like to check out cool automotive and/or motorcycle museums as you travel. You might not have heard of Bill’s Old Bike Barn, which is in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It looks like a great place to visit, although I admit I haven’t been there myself, at least not yet. I stumbled across the place after a local news team did a spot featuring it to drum up local awareness.

Check out a huge collection of Mopar muscle cars for sale here.

A lot of places like to put all kinds of crazy crap on the walls to make everything seem vintage and cool. However, most of them just end up looking like a Chile’s or Reb Robin since they’re trying to hard in all the wrong ways. Thankfully, that’s

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Motorcycle Monday: Bike Jumps

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How many of these dangerous stunts have you seen before?

Watching someone jump their motorcycle even just a short distance can be exhilarating. It might be in part a way to vicariously experience doing something we ourselves either don’t dare or just plain can’t attempt. Even if we can jump a bike, seeing someone go further and higher than we ever have is an amazing experience.

See an amazing 9-wheel Harley rig right here.

Sadly, not every record-breaking attempt goes without a hitch. Some even end in tragedy. Here are a few of these spectacular stunts which have inspired and horrified many.

Ryan Capes

Back on July 26, 2008, Ryan Capes attempted to set a new world record for the longest motorcycle jump. His attempt, which was staged at the Toes MX Park in Royal City, Washington involved Capes’ team laying 1480

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Memorial planned Monday for Plant High student killed in motorcycle crash

TAMPA — A memorial service is planned Monday at Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church for Taylor Koulouris, 15, a Plant High School student and a member of the church’s youth community who died from injuries she received in a South Tampa motorcycle crash Friday.

Koulouris was riding in South Tampa on the back of a motorcycle driven by 17-year-old Benjamin Francis when they collided with another vehicle. Francis died Friday from his injuries. Koulouris died at a hospital late Monday, said Kenny Hubbel, a family spokesman and youth chaplain at Palma Ceia Presbyterian.

No time has been set yet for the Monday service. A vigil for Koulouris was held at the church Sunday night.

Hubbell described Koulouris as selfless and nurturing, a caring big sister to her two younger siblings. She spent Sunday mornings with children at the church playground and at times with the children’s ministry programs.

“It was obvious

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Motorcycle Monday: Ewan McGregor Bike Collection

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He’s a hardcore rider…

It seems like the majority of Hollywood stars these days eschew riding motorcycles because of the risks. That didn’t use to be the case, but the reality makes Ewan McGregor a definite outlier. The same guy who famously played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy and has been in a long list of films like Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, and Doctor Sleep not only has an extensive motorcycle collection but also rides his many bikes often.

Learn the real reason Dodge is cancelling the Hellcat here.

For those who are into motorcycles, this isn’t a shocking revelation. But try talking to your friends who don’t ride and you’ll likely find them at least a little surprised to learn McGregor is big into motorcycles. The guy was able to keep most of his motorcycles after going

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