BMC Racing Backs Davis Fisher in 2021 Mission SuperTwins Class

Press Release | February 16, 2021

Fisher will contest SuperTwins on Indian FTR750

BMC Racing Backs Davis Fisher in 2021 Mission SuperTwins Class

This is a press release from American Flat Track, sent on behalf of BMC Racing…

Beaverton, OR (February 16, 2021) – Beaverton Motor Cycle Racing will be the title sponsor for number-67 Davis Fisher in the 2021 Progressive American Flat Track Mission SuperTwins class.

Bob Lanphere Jr., president of the Lanphere Auto Group, made the announcement: “This decision shows the commitment BMC Racing continues to have in many areas of motorcycle racing,” said Lanphere Jr. “We are proud to be associated with Davis and to provide title sponsorship as he competes in AFT’s premier class.”

Bob Lanphere’s Beaverton Motorcycles opened in 1964, and BMC Racing has supported Fisher’s racing for 14 years. The Lanphere Auto Group owns a number of car and motorcycle dealerships throughout the Pacific Northwest. backed Fisher’s AFT SuperTwins program in 2020.


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That Time Subaru Built a Flat 12-Cylinder Engine for F1 Racing

Subaru’s racing efforts are renowned by enthusiasts far and wide, as the underdog Japanese brand scored legions of fans—and championships—during the 1990s and 2000s as one of the dominant players in World Rally Championship (WRC) competition. (Its wide lineup in the Gran Turismo PlayStation game series didn’t hurt, either.) In short order, four-wheel drifting glory became a key part of its identity, fostering tons of press and boosting global sales of the company’s all-wheel-drive turbo sedans and wagons.

Far less ink has been spilled about the automaker’s less successful bid to shine in the context of a different motorsports institution. In fact, well before rally ever entered the picture, Subaru was determined to highlight its engineering prowess and turn the heads of enthusiasts who had largely written off the quirky brand—by cracking the ranks of Formula 1.

To get started, all it needed was an engine. Unfortunately, that powerplant turned

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Racing for a healthy mind, body and spirit

Plato coined the phrase: “The due proportion of mind and body is the loveliest and fairest sight to him who has a seeing eye.” As a triathlete now for almost 30 years, I learned the value of this quote after transitioning from a runner to a triathlete.

Adding swimming and biking to the mix allows me to work different muscles groups, which reduces the wear and tear on ligaments and tendons from the constant stress of just running. In addition, I realized stretching and lifting weights are imperative for overall health and well-being.

For many people, the pandemic helped them realize the relevance of maintaining a robust immune system and shedding a few extra pounds. Triathlons, like many forms of exercise, also create a space where one can meditate or pray. Think of a long bike ride along some country roads. Jesus spent 40 days alone meditating and developing his

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Ferrari isn’t racing toward electric cars, but they’ll be loud when it gets there

When Harley-Davidson got into the electric motorcycle business, there was one thing it knew it needed: noise.

While many battery-powered vehicles take advantage of electrification to operate as silently as possible, H-D made sure that its Livewire bike was engineered to produce a signature sound that it described as the electric guitar complement to its acoustic gas-powered bikes. Now supercar maker Ferrari is singing the same tune.

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During the company’s third-quarter earnings call, during which it reported better than expected profits that pushed the stock to an all-time high, CEO Louis Camilleri said of

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