Extreme’ finale? Wheelz takes on motorcycle cage riders

“America’s Got Talent: Extreme” went fast and furious in finding the adrenaline-fueled “AGT” spinoff’s $500,000 winner and first-ever champion.

It took four weeks of thrills and spills and a lot of flames to see Monday’s NBC finale face-off between the last two contestants, approved by judges Simon Cowell, Travis Pastrana and Nikki Bella and voted on by superfans from around the country.

The finale featured Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders, the Las Vegas motorcycle stunt crew given a Golden Buzzer pass to the finals from host Terry Crews in week two. The other finals spot was claimed by wheelchair athlete Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, who kicked off “AGT: Extreme” on week one, landing a daring flip, after a gnarly wipe-out, from a jump. The act earned a Golden Buzzer pass from Bella.

But who prevailed in Monday’s pre-taped “AGT: Extreme” finals?

(Stop reading if you don’t want the ending spoiled!)

How low

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Reckless motorcycle riders leave injured companion on scene of Meriden crash, police say | Connecticut News

MERIDEN, CT (WFSB) – A group of motorcycle riders who police said were recklessly riding down a street in Meriden fled the scene of a crash that left one of them with serious injuries.

Police said the crash happened on Broad Street Wednesday around 10 p.m.

Daivon Amar Rosa, 22, of Meriden, was seriously hurt when his motorcycle crashed into the front end of a Jeep Wrangler.

Ahead of the crash, police said a group of four motorcyclists traveled south on Broad Street at a high rate of speed. The riders were said to have been performing stunts in the road.

Only one of the bikes had a working headline, police said.

Rosa was said to have performed a wheelie when he struck the Wrangler, the driver of which was trying to negotiate a turn into the Shell Gas Station at 934 Broad St.

The other three riders fled the

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‘A rolling museum’ | Cannonball of vintage motorcycles and their riders makes pit stop in Texarkana on Thursday

TEXARKANA, Texas — Team Skeeters of the bi-annual Motorcycle Cannonball rode into Texarkana Thursday with a scheduled stop at Harley Davidson-Texarkana.

Eighty-eight vintage motorcycles ventured forth from the starting point in Michigan, near the Canadian border. From there, the convoy steered southeast, ending at their furthest eastern point, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. From there, they changed course and went southwest, the endpoint of the voyage set to be South Padre Island. Before that, however, they took a pause in Texarkana.

“This excursion will total 3,715 miles,” said John Bartman, rider with Team Skeeters. This Motorcycle Cannonball is Bartmans’ second. The first one took place in 2010.

“Think of the Motorcycle Cannonball as a rolling museum,” he said. “All the motorcycles involved are vintage bikes, manufactured 1929 or earlier.”

The total trip takes 16-17 days. The riders go all day, with one scheduled mid-day stop and then the riders stop for

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UK Government Sticks It To Motorcycle Riders

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The forced electrification begins…

The United Kingdom government has benevolently decided since motorcycle owners are choosing electrification options at too low of rates (which, let’s be honest is anything but 100%) it must force citizens to make the choice. That’s right, starting in 2035, the sale of any new motorcycle which burns anything other than your pants when the batteries spontaneously combust will be outlawed.

We don’t think all electric motorcycles are horrible, but we do think they should be a personal choice. Check out a cool one made in the USA here.

Yep, electrification is a technology so compelling you must be forced into it. The thing is with motorcycles, all-electric powertrains make even less sense because it’s an issue of packaging. After all, you, the rider, have to deal with those incredibly heavy and big batteries. Not everyone

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