UK Government Sticks It To Motorcycle Riders

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The forced electrification begins…

The United Kingdom government has benevolently decided since motorcycle owners are choosing electrification options at too low of rates (which, let’s be honest is anything but 100%) it must force citizens to make the choice. That’s right, starting in 2035, the sale of any new motorcycle which burns anything other than your pants when the batteries spontaneously combust will be outlawed.

We don’t think all electric motorcycles are horrible, but we do think they should be a personal choice. Check out a cool one made in the USA here.

Yep, electrification is a technology so compelling you must be forced into it. The thing is with motorcycles, all-electric powertrains make even less sense because it’s an issue of packaging. After all, you, the rider, have to deal with those incredibly heavy and big batteries. Not everyone

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The Zero Motorcycles FXE Is a Electrifying New Commuter Bike Aimed at Urban Riders

Zero FXE  (6)

Zero Motorcycles has launched slick new electric bike in its fleet aimed squarely at those in the market for a speedy urban motorcycle.

Zero FXE  (4)

While the two-wheeled EV makers’ fairing-wrapped SR/S leads the Zero fleet in performance with 140 pound-feet of torque and a 1.6-second 60-mph sprint time—enough style and speed to catch the attention of famed customizer Deus Ex Machina—the new Zero FXE sits on the more affordable, practical end of the spectrum. 

Originally born as a collaborative concept with San Francisco’s HUGE Design, its shape stands out from Zero’s preceding FX dirt bike and FXS dual-sport bike with the most paneling of the three and what the company describes as an emphasis on “ergonomic touchpoints.” 

Zero FXE  (1)

However, the core FX platform is unchanged. A brushless motor produces 46

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Safety tips for novice motorcycle riders

Enroll in a safety course. A safety course can teach riders various strategies, including emergency evasive maneuvers. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers courses for riders, who can check to see if any such courses are available in their areas.

Wear a helmet. Many states require motorcycle operators and riders to wear helmets when bikes are in operation. Helmets are required by law in Canada across all provinces and territories. The U.S. Department of Transportation also recommends a full-face helmet as an added safety option for novice motorcycle riders. Biker Report states that a helmet can reduce risks of brain injuries from a motorcycle accident by up to 67%.

Wear protective clothing. In addition to helmets, jackets and other protective gear can reduce the risk of injury for riders involved in crashes. A 2011 study published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention determined there was a significantly reduced risk of

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Antique Motorcycle Riders Hit Road for Cross Country Chase | Alabama News

By PEGGY USSERY, Dothan Eagle

DOTHAN, Ala. (AP) — Motorcycle riders learn a lot of tricks while on the road.

Plastic shopping bags can keep your socks dry when your boots get soaked. Just slip them over your socked feet and put on your boots. Also, on long road trips pack for the motorcycle’s needs, not your own — especially if riding an antique bike. And never doubt the kindness of strangers. The best stories, after all, are breakdown stories.

When riding an antique motorcycle, Doug Wothke’s favorite tool is a hammer he keeps strapped to the bike.

“If I can’t fix it with a hammer, I’ve got an electrical problem,” Wothke said.

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Wothke of Headland and fellow riders Berry Wardlaw and Vivian “Gypsy” Charros of Dothan will join more than 100 other riders from around the country for the 2021 Cross Country Chase. The run is designed

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