More motorcyclists hit the roads with the warm weather; MSHP troopers offer driving safety tips

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The warmer weather is bringing more motorcycles out of the garage and onto the streets. With more motorcyclists on the roads comes safety concerns for all drivers.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is urging all drivers to be more cautious as they approach intersections or change lanes. Sgt. Mike McClure says people need to keep in mind more motorcyclists will be out on the roads.

”We are afforded less protection riding a motorcycle or a tricycle or bicycle,” Sgt. McClure says. “We just don’t have the protection of the vehicle that is afforded by another type of vehicle.”

In 2021, Troop D reported 36 motorcycle fatalities. Of those deaths, 25 people weren’t wearing a helmet.

Sgt. Mike McClure is urging drivers to stay vigilant and put any distractions down as more motorcyclists hit the roads.

“A motorcyclist will be riding up the center line between cars

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4 dead in 48 hours from motorcycle crashes on Austin roads

It was a deadly 48 hours for motorcycle riders on Austin roadways.

Since Wednesday four people have died in a motorcycle crash, three happened within the span of nine hours

“Some of them happened during the day and some of them happened at night, but they were all on major roadways and well-lit areas,” said Captain Christa Stedman with Austin-Travis County EMS.

The first deadly crash happened Wednesday on Mopac near William Cannon. The next, Thursday afternoon along I-35, which resulted in both the upper deck and lower deck of the northbound lanes being shut down.

The other two crashes happened on Ed Bluestein Boulevard and research Boulevard.

Alongside the deaths, Austin-Travis County EMS reported a total

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State, local police urge caution on roads following motorcycle crash

Laconia Motorcycle Week is fully underway this weekend and with an influx of motorcycles in the area, police urged caution on the roads. Laconia police and fire were called to Route 3 at the intersection of Rollercoaster Road around 6 p.m. on Saturday. Officials said several motorcycles were involved in the crash. According to police, two of the three people involved in the crash were taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Laconia’s police Chief Matt Canfield said this year’s Motorcycle Week has been much busier than in years past.”Going into this year, we knew coming off of COVID and essentially a non-event last year, we knew people were itching to get out. So, we were anticipating big crowds,” Canfield said. On Sunday, he said whether you are on four wheels or two, everyone needs to keep an extra eye out on the roads this week.“You know, we certainly encourage … Read More

‘Motorcycles are on the road too’: taking extra precautions to keep the roads safe

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – As we enter summer, you’ll start to see more motorcycles — meaning everyone on the road needs to take even more precautions.

J.W. Miller has been riding motorcycles since he was thirty years old and has a message for drivers.

“Motorcycles are on the road too,” he said. “You need to look twice. Motorcycles are there, they’re quick. We have headlights on, and a lot of us Harley riders, we’re loud. You can hear us coming.”

In addition to focusing on the road, Officer Chad Gillen with the Sioux Falls Police Department says drivers should take an extra second to judge distance and speed of an oncoming motorcycle before turning in front of it.

“It’s harder to do because most motorcycles only have a single headlight and with a single headlight, it’s harder for the

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